WoT Supertest: British Light Tanks

Forum announcement the official pitch.

It’s a matter of days that British high-tier light tanks will crash into World of Tanks, with stealth and surprise being their element.

As you know, all high-tier light tanks are born scouts. But the role can be played differently. As for the British, they do it by leveraging their small dimensions, a good view range and outstanding guns. So, the very combination gives you a clear clue how to use these vehicles to the best result: nothing is better than to recon the enemy’s position while firing them from the least expected places.

Let’s take a closer look at the newcomers!

New Vehicles…

All in all, four vehicles will be added to the British Tech Tree, all researchable from the Cromwell, a Tier VI medium tank. So, the complete branch goes as follows:

  • GSR 3301 Setter (Tier VII)
  • LHMTV (Tier VIII)
  • GSOR3301 AVR FS (Tier IX)
  • Manticore (Tier X)

It’s too early to reveal the specs of Tier VII to IX vehicles as their fine-tuning is in its full swing. We have come up with a concept for the entire of batch of British tanks and now want to test it on the top vehicle. What is known for sure is that all tanks will sport small dimensions (e.g. the LHMTV is smaller than the Bat-Chat 12t, while the profile AVR FS can be compared to that of the AMX 13 90), as well as imposing concealment abilities and a decent view range.

…And Its Jewel in the Crown…


The branch is topped by the Manticore, a X Tier light tank. The name fits it perfectly as it is nothing short of a controversy of a vehicle. Despite being quite small (the Manticore is smaller than the T-100LT), it manages to bear a huge 105mm gun with excellent characteristics. Imposing armor penetration (248 mm with the standard AP round and 268 mm with the special APCR round), the alpha strike of 390 points, decent stabilization (when firing from a stationary position)—the vehicle’s got everything to be sought after. But let’s face it: it’s not perfect. Its DPM is far from impressive (4.29 shots per minute). Its stabilization when firing on the move is low. Its ammunition is so precious that you’ll have to think over each shot you are about to make.

The Manticore is a predator that can wait, while opting for the best place to perform the best. Once the battle begins, it takes a beneficial position to scout and inform its team on the enemy positioning. It doesn’t have to run about the map—other light tanks will do it for the Manticore. Instead, it moves from one position to another, while gradually gaining its tactical advantage. Yes, the tank can play as a scout (and this is where its small dimensions will come in handy). But it’s passive scouting while providing fire support from a distance where its talents shine the brightest.

Each moment, you have to assess the situation and make decisions: is it safe to move further? Is it worth taking a shot to finish off the enemy? Or will your shot just give you away? Because, on the one hand, it’s a shame to keep such a gun idle. But on the other hand, one shouldn’t neglect the tank’s key role (that of a scout).

This is where the zest of playing the Manticore lies. You have to grasp its controversial nature and, having found the perfect balance between the passive scouting and active firing, tame this steel beast. Yes, it’s a challenge, but be sure, you will be rewarded with the thrilling feeling of unique power, that other light tanks can’t get their hands on!

You can also check size comparison in the Spoiler below:

Almost There!

At the moment, the vehicles are in the closed test phase. As was said, we have chosen the branch’s top tank, the Manticore, to verify whether our gaming concept will work out. Once we’ve found the perfect balance between the fire power, concealment abilities and mobility within the given playing role, we’ll proceed to fine-tuning the rest of the vehicles of VII to IX tiers.

NB: The above characteristics are not final and can be changed during the testing.

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