WoT Supertest: Emil I, Emil II, Kranvagn




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WoT Supertest: Emil I, Emil II, Kranvagn

28 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Emil I, Emil II, Kranvagn

  1. I would rather they reduced the alpha on the other Tier 8, 9 and 10 tanks than further increasing the powercreep, the devs from the WoT team really need to take some notes from the WoWs dev team
    if they make WoT a bit more like WoWs:
    >less imbalance between classes and tiers
    >HP pool large enough to allow players to survive from 1 mistake and learn how to not repeat it (allowing players to enjoy the game for a bit longer period than WoT)
    >a game where a vehicle at the bottom of the MM spread won’t be immediatly doomed for a loss when faced with a vehicle of the same class BUT from the top of the MM spread

    if they do that WoT could become a TRUE success on e-sports and with that increase its lifespan

      1. you do know they already have (or had until recently) e-sports, right?
        like others I also am of the opinion that for WoT to succeed in e-sports the game has to resemble more the game we play everyday because players will pay more attention to it since they recognize their game, but that does not work for e-sports since there’s too much imbalance
        that is why they need to make the game more e-sports friendly which in turn would actually improve the players experience while playing, that is why I gave the exemple of WoWs since there’s “less” RNG involved and there is more balance between classes and tiers
        WoWs has proved it is possible to keep the game fun even if that results in a slight increase of the average duration time for a random battle, going from 7 to 9 minutes per match would not hurt the game, especially since it would actually help players understand the game better

      2. Mikosah says:

        My theory of why the WoT esports didn’t do so well is that the important plays that win games aren’t actually that interesting or exciting to watch. “The team all pressed the W key, the fans go wild!”

        And technically, the same is true of the randoms as well. The secret to success will be producing a cinematic experience for the typical viewer. Especially the uninitiated viewer who doesn’t understand any of the game’s nuances and counterintuitive mechanics. If you can get that guy to think the game looks interesting, you’re in.

      3. WANKATANKA says:

        in soccer is a goal a goal and counts 1 , as everyone knows , in wot is a hit …. , maybe critical damage with 0dmg, ….. maybe full dmg, ….maybe full dmg AND crewmember dead, …. or not!
        who wanna watch such “sport”, you could also watch a roulette, very exciting….

      4. WANKATANKA says:

        by the way: wargaming league has its own wot-engine, which has nothing to do with the wot-engine for customers!

    1. Marundiir says:

      I hope they improve it by a bit.
      Current buff look likes they overdid DPM slightly and ignored the gun handling. (Or they have not say it yet)

    2. it’s just a guess but, if those changes are not in the stat card it means they were not made, at least for the 1st iteration of the ST, if they do not get satisfied by the results they might do them… or do the easier thing and raise the dmg even more

  2. T92 says:

    That’s some crazy DPM increase with -11 seconds cut. Let me think, next buff all Soviet tanks because Sweds are too powerful now.

    1. Varia Vespasa says:

      Overall, assuming I didnt bork my maths, its a 25% increase in potential DPM. But actually I think the more strategically significant change is the clip reload time. Before you could count the shells and once he was empty you could just run him over before he could reload. Now its a a lot harder to do. He’ll still have to pay attention to buying himself time, but it will a lot easier to survive till he’s reloaded.

  3. Tiger says:

    I remember WG did say that they wanted to increase the damage of all 120mm gubs to 440.

    Guess this is the start of the same; I highly doubt that this excercise would “rebalance” the current OP & underwhelming tanks… it would just created more broken tanks given WG’s track record when it comes to balance

  4. OrigamiChik3n says:

    I played Emil I on CT to get the feel how Emil 1951 would play. Not once i did i get high roll. Most shots that didn’t fly to orbit (while fully aimed) got 220-ish rolls. It doesn’t matter how much WG increases alpha if they also force the gun low roll all the time.

      1. OrigamiChik3n says:

        Yeah, i double-checked screenshots. It’s actually “260-ish”. So i guess it’s alright then, because it’s few hitpoints above the absolute minroll.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gun handling is crap,penetration is crap,thats the things they should buff.Now it looks like WG did some cosmetic buff that cant help Emil line to be good.Untill they buff gun handling and penetration this line is going to be bad as allways.Who need better dpm if i cant hit my targets,or cant pen super heavys i must fight in heavy tank every game?Cmn WG turn on some brain to see what is real problem with this line.

  6. I don’t know about these buffs. The DPM buff was much needed, though the gun is still derpy with wierd accuracy and aimtime. If they’d buff these other gun parameters, the Swedes could be very competitve.

  7. Anonymous says:

    GUN HANDLING has been the issue with the Swedish heavies, NOT alpha damage, reload time, or DPM. This buff will not really help without some changes to gun handling characteristics.

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