WoT Supertest FV 4005 Stage II

Together with the Japanese Superheavies The FV 4005 is back in supertest. We have the Forum “Leek” image with a fuller stat screenshot.

Screenshot original from WoT Express.

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WoT Supertest FV 4005 Stage II

18 thoughts on “WoT Supertest FV 4005 Stage II

  1. Nice Meme says:

    Welp, at least I can still play my Death Star. I really don’t see what their issue is with the Shitbarn. So now it’s going to have not only worse armor, but worse speed, worse gun handling, and gets fucking nothing? So it gets a turret that can turn a little bit more and 10 degrees of gun depression? Nobody asked for this. How about instead of nerfing a somewhat balanced tank, you fucking buff some of the completely useless tanks instead (T-62A, Leopard 1, 121, 113, Pzkpfw VII, Rheinmetall Panzerwagen, and IS-4). I understand it’s not exactly fun to get killed in one shot by any tank in this game, but it’s not like it’s as easy as it used to be back in the older patched version of the Death Star. And plus you have to play this thing like a glass canon and the minute you shoot, you’re almost guaranteed to get spotted and have anything that can even look at your tank try to hit you because you have the armor of a cardboard box. I’m fine with you nerfing the Type 5 and Type 4. That needed to happen. I’m not fine with you nerfing a tank that was much more balanced than both of those OP piles of trash. Also, sure am glad you didn’t touch the armor on the Type 5 and the Type 4 whatsoever. Because that armor is just so balanced too right?

    1. Snow Viper says:

      The name you chose fits perfectly for your response. Why wouldn’t they nerf a tank that I now see at least twice if not more per match for how no brain the tank is, I see 3 on the enemy team I already know it’s a loss, there is literally nothing I would be able to do to make it a win even with my skill in the game. The tank is for shite players who need to get their high off of easy damage.

  2. David says:

    As usual wargaming nerf a fun tank, they will then buff another tier 10 so people grind that one instead, it goes on and on and on.

    1. 0gungrave0 says:

      Well they’re out to make money and this is how they’ve done things for years when it comes to game “balance”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The biggest “issue” with this change is that it doesn’t change anything; it does not make the tank less or more annoying to play against or with. You might miss a single shot more a game, who cares? Just camp harder I guess…

    Furthermore they don’t change the damage it does, when they DO nerf the Type’s… Even tho they are in the same catagory: Silly tanks with HE problems.

    I do not say this tank is OP in any way; I just dont understand the changes, since they don’t matter, like at all

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wargaming sure knows how to SCREW THINGS UP!!

    First, you work you way all the way up to tier 10, and what do you get? All tier 10 games… SO STUPID.

    This was a tank I was working towards because of the FUN FACTOR, but NOT NOW!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of morons in the balance department. They ignore the main problem of the jap heavies, which is the lack of real weakspots and at the same time nerf into oblivion a tank that is perfectly fine. While there are still Bobjects and 430Us roaming around.

  6. TigerAss says:

    Quit like I did. I no longer tolerate that WG BS. Why nerf? Because it is not russian. They will probably introduce a whole new tree arnound the russian Skorpion bobject as well so they can add a russian tier x version of the mark ii with the gun of the gustav railcanon and armor of type 5 heavy all around + speed of the the wheeled scouts. Boom. And guess what. there are stil morons out there buying premium and tanks. Remember when they said no more defender in the shop? just five mins ago i got an email: the defender is back

    stop supporting this shit game anymore with money. play if you like but dont invest anymore real money. someday they will either come around or shut it down. and guess what it is a win win.

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