WoT Supertest: Kharkov

Good day everyone,

Supertest has two versions Kharkov in testing, lets take a look:

Version 1:

The first version reduces the number and size of the passages (and thus shot opportunities) into the city area. The intended goal of this is to make a clear area for heavy tanks and brawlers to function without being sniped from the field.


Version 2:

The second version has a city area closer to the one we know now, but with a far more dynamic and rolling field area, with some soft cover in the form of destructible houses.



So what do you think of the two versions, and which do you prefer?

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WoT Supertest: Kharkov

15 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Kharkov

  1. Redrum Tea Co. Inc. says:

    I like the second option a lot more. The problem with Kharkhov was always that it was too heavy centric while every other class was fairly useless on it. Hope enough people choose the 2nd that they pursue it.

    1. What makes u think we get to chose any of them? WG supertesters are mostly from rashaland, and those who are not, are just “paid bobs”.

      Either way, we will get what “think will suit our needs”.

  2. Mikosah says:

    Both versions make way more sense than that the pitch to completely close off the circle or those one-way entrances to it. As of which one I like better, version 2 looks like its further developed but why put up that barrier between city and field? Splitting the map in two just leaves us with something like Erlenberg that only gives us half of a map to play on in practice because the other half is inaccessible. Make that barrier cross-able.

  3. D8W2P4 says:

    1 Is absolutely terrible.
    2 is better but still bad with even less options than Kharkov had when it was first released.

    I’d say push the caps into the corners, move the city into the middle, break up the blocks so there’s more routes, maybe have where either they really got into landscaping or more time has passed with it being abandoned and you’ve got some trees and bushes growing in the rubble.

    1. NoComment says:


      1. is the pits ..again they are trying to remove the one and only bit of the map that offered some interesting gameplay.

      2. Better but whats with the idiotic wall? moe dumbing down! HTs go to this corner and knowhere else, Td’s Lt’s and meds go to the other side of the map where they will not encounter anything but meds, lt’s and Td’s because ….reasons & incomeptant designers.

  4. NoComment says:

    “So what do you think of the two versions, and which do you prefer?”

    Does not matter what players prefer they will get what they are given no matter how bad WG can manage to make it.

  5. Dracon says:

    Version 2 hands down. Version 1 is just a light rehash of the original, and that is a just not good. Version 2 still allows for heavy play, but also the others to have MEANINGFULL impact on the game rather than just cowering around corners waiting for a break through the heavys.

  6. I actually liked the old kharkov, but I’m biased towards having fun playing a heavy on a map where you actually could find cover from spgs. The game is already meta’d for russian medium god tanks, with their low profiles, high mobility, fast reloads, high pen, stalinium turret armour, magical disappearing shells that get fired at them, or bounce off their tracks.

    Wait a minute, they have EVERYTHING, don’t they?. And the obj 430u rates as best tier x in the game?. And russian tier x’s rate in 5 of the top 7 in the game?.

    Well, russian AND their odd comrade in arms and politics tanks. I’m talking tier 8-10 in particular here folks.
    And as others have pointed out the “supertesters” are more like “superfail”.

    A bear and a dragon walk into a bar. The bear wants to destroy it, the dragon just tells the bank they have money to buy it, the bank squeezes the owners using local council to increase overheads, the owners slowly get bled dry, the bank forecloses on debt, take ownership of the bar, sell it to the dragon. The bear gets to drink what it wants.

    And THAT’S how you conquer the world.

  7. moon111 says:

    Big fat stupid heavy tanks getting hit from the field. Protect them from arty, protect them from getting hit in the flanks, what’s next? Why not just bubble-wrap them as well?

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