WoT Supertest: KV-5 Changes

Good day everyone,

So here are the known changes to the KV-5 as they stand in testing atm:

  • Standard shell penetration increased from 167 to 218 mm
  • Premium shell penetration increased from 219 to 243 mm
  • Damage caused by the projectile increased from 300 to 330
  • Damage per minute increased from 2190 to 2429.2
  • Reload time reduced from 8.219 to 8.151s
  • Rate of fire increased from 7.30 to 7.361
  • Accuracy increases from 0.416 to 0.412
  • Aiming time reduced from 2.74 to 2.68s
  • Now sees Tier X

Changes in the front armor:

  • Bottom plate increased from 210 to 220 mm,
  • Driver’s turret armor increased from 180 to 200 mm
  • Radio operator’s turret armor from 150 to 200 mm
  • Upper front plate increased from 180 to 220 mm
  • Main turret front armor increased from 180 to 220 mm
  • Commander’s hatch increased from 150 to 190 mm

Changes in the rear armor:

  • Main turret side armor reduced from 180 to 150 mm
  • Main turret rear armor from 180 to 120 mm
  • Upper rear hull armor decreased from 145 to 95 mm
  • Lower rear hull armor decreased from 243 to 93 mm
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WoT Supertest: KV-5 Changes

18 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: KV-5 Changes

    1. Rubberboas says:

      How? Do you not understand how bad the kv-5 is right now? EVERY game is a death sentence. It gets matched up against other tier 8 superheavies that are literally invulnerable againsy it and now it gets demolished even when it’s top tier

    2. Really wish they’d consider implementing +1/-1 MM if they claim to listen to their players.
      On the other hand though, this would probably make the Defender, Patriot, etc. even more broken since nerfing them wouldn’t be an option…

      1. Anonymous says:

        If thes get true with this KV5 nerf (its a big nerf to all smm tanks…) then can also nerf all other prem tanks. why not… people are stupid and let them do this.
        VOTE for NOT touch smm ! FIX mm and buff them properly. but DONT touch them in the only way they where ment to be – SMM tanks !

      2. Anonymous says:

        Actually, it is +1/-2 MM, when VI or VII face KV-5, it is death sentence for them, KV5 are nightmare for VI and VII

  1. Paglia says:

    … I wonder how KV-5 is going to withstand a E100 or jagdE100 or FV183 shot in the r2d2…

    Goodbye old reverse side-scraping I guess

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thats a big fucking Nerf to the KV5.
    Besides the okish gun stats its gonna face Tier 10s and geht a minor Amor buff + extrem amor nerf to sides and back.
    Reverse sidescaping was the big thing in kv5. Now useless.

    I bought a smm Tank and i whant it to stay smm !!!!
    just fix MM and buff it to be good against tier 9 but DONT touch smm.
    The whole point of buying this tank (like other smm Tanks) was the SMM !

    If we let them do this – then this will be only the start of nerfing and doing what ever they whant to ANY prem tank. Dont let them go true with this !

    1. Anonymous says:

      You can meet only 3 tier 10 at once. But with this, when you meet tier 6,7 a lot of tier 8 it will be awesome.

  3. Swatdennis says:

    I like this, for the reason they are finally going to change Prem tanks, first everyone whines that they should nerf some prem tanks, now they change one everyone is like the world is ending… grow up, finally WG might take a small but not insignificant stop to try and balance the game. Too bad they take the wrong tank to test the idea on, but I am all for changing premiums because I think that is how the stupid powercreep started

  4. pppp says:

    If you put him in tier10 battle give him more armor all tank tier8,9 can pen him in r2d2 turet and zou see what tier 10 can do too this tank. KV5 is must be slow moving fortrest whit good armor and slow speed. but in this game is noting….

  5. How it will change :
    1. Becomes gold ammo magnet
    2. Insane DPM demolishes tanks it can penetrate
    3. Bullies lower tiers insanely hard with that ridiculous frontal armour and no weakspot.
    4. Gets bullied by higher tiers who it can’t penetrate and can easily dominate with high pen ammo.

    NOT A FIX!

  6. Kulingile says:

    Disclaimer: I don’t own a KV-5, but I have test-driven KV-5s both through rentals and friends. It’s fun when top tier, but it almost never gets that favorable a match.

    The KV-5 is woefully under-powered in its current form, and these changes might actually make it competitive, but only with preferential matchmaking. The KV-5 will still not be a match for regular tier 8 heavy tanks or – heaven forbid you run into one – a tier 8 superheavy. Tier 9 heavies will still laugh at its armor, and tier 10 heavies have nothing to fear from even the KV-5’s improved gold rounds. Say hello to the new tier 8 XP pinata!

    The best option I can see to make the KV-5 actually competitive is to finish bringing the penetration up to par with the other tier 8 heavies.

  7. Tank says:

    I will take my Defender over IS-6 and KV-5 any day. While I did OK in those, these days with new better Tier 8 premiums coming out non-stop the older guys are no match to them. If they buff KV-5 to Defender level why not. What I hate is their pathetic 2000 gold upgrade. In EU it is now substantially different product with many parts of it made worse. It is not legal, and SP story and legal actions should be reminded. Give the full gold value back or make free trade in.

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