WoT Supertest: M48E2 Räumpanzer Pt 2

The predecessor of engineering vehicles, created on the basis of the American medium tank of the first post-war generation M48. Equipped with the M8A1 bulldozer blade, these vehicles began their service in the tank engineering companies of the Bundeswehr and were later used until the end of the 90s in the territorial troops, albeit with the guns removed. The numbers in service with the FRG was 53 vehicles.

FjMZOmcZv_UNow the usual stat and compare screens with some “In the wild shots”



Original Russian images WoT Express.

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WoT Supertest: M48E2 Räumpanzer Pt 2

13 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: M48E2 Räumpanzer Pt 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stupid WG.
    This 9cm gun has better shell velocity than the 90mm gun on TL-1; yet it has less pen and alpha?

    German bias is too much! Fire the balance team. They are stupid. At least change the shell velocity!

    1. look at it this way, that 9cm gun is the American 90mm M41 (early M48’s until the 105mm M68 was introduced), in terms of penetration it was not much different than a 90mm T15 (Super Pershing, T26E4, T32 and T32E1 IRL, M26 Pershing in WoT) or 90mm M3A1 (M26A1 and M46 IRL) or 90mm M36 (M47 IRL)
      if they copied that into WoT the 9cm cannon would get the same 190mm of pen the Pershing has in the game, that would be bad since anything below 200mm is underpowered at Tier 8, instead 205mm is pretty good for a medium tank

    1. rubberboas says:

      Yeah, apparently its going to count as spaced armor. Probably not much, but enough to make a difference when an O-HO is shooting at you.

    2. It also makes for a lovely big flat plate target to hit, so it’s pretty much just a gold ammo sponge, that no one can miss, and takes hit points off your tank as you bathe in your enemies gold.

    1. Vlad says:

      Not sure if you are trolling or you are actually blind, but of course the apcr has more pen than the ap(facepalm), but it has the same 240 alpha on both ap and apcr…

    1. Fungh says:

      Because thats an iron cross, witch is not a wehrmacht specific logo. actually its still in use as the signet of the “Bundeswehr”

  2. WANKATANKA says:

    this iron cross is no more in use. after the endsieg of the wehrmacht germany introduced the bundeswehr with a new iron cross.

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