WoT Supertest: M48E2 Räumpanzer

Three Tier VIII vehicles are about to enter the Supertest. Let’s take a glimpse at what each of them are like before they hit the proving ground.post-502699962-0-33772100-1562318378

And finally, a new German medium tank, M48A2 Räumpanzer, is ready for the proving grounds of the Supertest.

A variant of the American Patton, this German boasts excellent frontal armor for a medium (up to 254 mm in the turret and 152 mm in the hull). In addition, its most noticeable feature, the shovel in front of the lower glacis plate, is in fact a screen which further improves the armor of this vehicle. Another of its strengths is survivability, all thanks to its 1450 HP. But for such great armor and HP, a price must be paid; this price is in its mobility. This German medium has a max speed of 40 km/h and a power-to-weight ratio of 13 hp per ton. On top of this, the tank has a traverse speed of 35 deg/s and a turret traverse speed of 30 deg/s.

Now let’s get down to the gun. This 90-mm armament boasts good penetration: 205 mm for a standard shell and 255 for an APCR. You’ll be able to get off 6.9 shots per minute dealing 240 damage per shot. The weapon stabilization is pretty decent, the aiming time is just 2 seconds and has a dispersion of 0.44 m at 100 m. What else are we forgetting? Oh yes, its gun depression is 9 degrees.

The M48A2 Räumpanzer behaves like a hybrid of a medium and a heavy on the battlefield. If necessary, this medium can survive a blow that would put another ally vehicle out of action. Plus, its gun allows for dealing regular damage (instead of high one-shot damage) and can be used to immobilize enemies, turning them into sitting Credit and XP piñatas.

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WoT Supertest: M48E2 Räumpanzer

6 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: M48E2 Räumpanzer

    1. Anonymous says:

      Dunno, cus its too you know… horizontal… Like a flat surface.
      What I want to know is if the metal in the lowerplate is modelled… because if it is… lmao dat spaced armor lol

  1. TF2C says:

    Sweet, a dozen Patton! The US Army had dozer tanks in Vietnam and used them to open up the underground tunnel networks. They were nicknamed “can openers”.

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