WoT Supertest: Manticore Tier X British LT

We have a screen cap with fuller but not full stats and an in-game Compare screen plus some more in the wild pics.

Original images WoT Expres.

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WoT Supertest: Manticore Tier X British LT

14 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Manticore Tier X British LT

  1. Osc says:

    Tier 10 lights are already irrelevant if they aren’t either the EBR or the T-100; add in the fact that this thing not only doesn’t have its own flavor it entirely lacks flavor of any sort, and this’ll just be one more forgotten tank line. Great camo, middle of the pack view range, but garbage tier dpm do not make a good tank.

  2. 16 rounds, horrible DPM, and substandard capability as an active scout. Instantly irrelevant due to how maps and enemy tanks at tier 10 function.

  3. Nice Meme says:

    Honestly just… why? The tier 10 seems completely pointless… it literally does nothing besides having decent camo… 248 pen is good on a light tank, but light tanks get that terrible pen drop over distance because reasons. Also, 16 rounds? Seriously? The only thing this thing will be used for is parking in a bush somewhere and praying to god somebody actually drives in front of you. It’s not that fast in comparison to the other tanks, it’s not that accurate, the on the move accuracy is bad, and good god does thing have awful dpm. Just go on tanks.gg and look at the tanks at tier 4 and how several of them have better dpm values than a TIER 10 TANK.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This tank shows how little wargaming know about the current meta/balance of their game. EBR makes literally all other lights pointless. What good does it do to have a passive spotter anymore when you have these cancerous EBRs flying around the map spotting everything and being impossible to hit, and even if you do hit them they still just drive away with ‘CRITICAL HIT’. Then if you encounter them in a light they auto aim you and kill you in three hits with their high explosive.

    Continue showing you care nothing for the game you created WG. You will continue to lose player support and interest until it’s dead.

    1. try playing all non-soviet light tanks the same way the M18 Hellcat was used IRL, let the “frontlines” clash and respond to it by giving fire support from the flank, besides passive scouting that is what the true light tanks in the game meta is becoming, of course that means you have to pay attention to the minimap and actually do some teamwork

  5. Anonymous says:

    It all started with the great light tank nerf… like, you dont even have the view range of some medium tanks, wtf wargaming, are you nuts?
    Nobody plays them and nobody should play them the way they are.

  6. Origami Chik3n says:

    Premium tier 8 “FV1066” is already in client files and that makes me really curious – is there any actual information about how these tanks would have looked like or is it another one of “the guy knows a guy who knows a guy who might have heard two drunk guys talking about it” fantasies, like WT Auf E100 was?

  7. Anonymous says:

    WTH cares if it’s not OP…lots of fun tanks aren’t. Have most too tier LTs, most fun for different playstyle. Sheridan not OP…nope…but fun AF to scout, thennduve bomb to wreck targets.

    Just gotta actually look at the map which is too much work, lol! It’s like the TDs that sit in a corner regardless of red position waiting for them to move into their range.

    Glad WG finally slowed power creep and don’t one up the last tanks! That’s a good thing.

  8. Gundam says:

    Tier 10 lights were great until you idiots aka community cried and got them nerfed to useless level because your precious mediums no longer had the best mobility or camo

    Glad ebr ruins your games

    1. NoComment says:

      You are aware that they got nerfed before they went live and pretty much no one in the EU complained about them it their pre-release state. Only after they were relased as the piles of crap they turned out to be.

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