WoT Supertest Map- Studzyanki

Good day everyone,

Quick post of a couple of videos showing off a new map in supertest, well, newish. This map is apparently based off an old map concept dating from 2015 and is set around a small Polish village and countryside. With the idea of the Polish tree being revived, the idea of a Polish map seems logical:


Map size is set to be 1km by 1km, and largely set to be an open map with a central village and factory complex. Other terrain features will be hills and a small forest to the southwest.

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WoT Supertest Map- Studzyanki

21 thoughts on “WoT Supertest Map- Studzyanki

  1. Kyros says:

    Oh hell no ! That’s garbage and proves again that the devs don’t play their own game. Btw. you can’t call one street with small destroyable houses a Town.

    It would be a good map if it was 500m and limited till Tier 3, else it’s again wasted money on monkeys that never played WoT but call themselfes mapcreators

      1. Jurrunio says:

        They never know what’s the middle-ground. Just look at all those OP premium tanks along terribly weak ones.

    1. PS: A map like that would be perfekt, if there only were some hills like on the Normandy map. But with WG, it’s either Malinovka or corridors, nothing in between.
      Damn, I hate them for their lack of creativity and even worse lack of a sense for gameplay.

  2. DickHerMax says:

    Is it official english spelling for that map or is it unofficial transliteration? In Polish it is called “Studzianki”. In the videos in Russian it says “Studzjanki” too, (i after DZ has this sound).
    Therefore, if it’s the latter, I would say it’s pretty safe to assume it’s spelled “Studzianki”.

  3. WG still has a LOT to learn about map design…

    AW’s maps seemed fine, but well, no-one plays it and I do not know enough from those maps to actualy really make a point. WT’s maps we can not compare since WT is oneshot 24/7 and completely different gameplay.

    Hidden Village, Dragon’s Ridge, South West, Pearl River (less, but still okay) and Northwest (That I did not feel had that big of an advantage that mines North spawn Assault currently has) were good maps. Severogorsk I did not play on enough or do not remember.
    Well, maybe they were not good maps, but I always felt I had fun, something I can not say on the current maps…

    IMO Paris, Overlord and Stalingrad need to be removed and Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Mines and Widepark need to be T4 max.

    I also feel that Airfield, El Halluf, Windstorm, Sacred Valley and Mountain Pass do not give enough oppertunities to really do anything and are IMO wasted games.

    I like Kharakov, even though I do not why since the gameplay on that map sucks aswell…

  4. That’ll be awesome once they refine it with some more props and features.
    The control zones are clear but not too artificially constricting; running around in the open will be punished – but so will ignoring the open if assuming no one would risk it, etc.
    Like other open maps, it will particularly reward those who let the enemy make mistakes borne of poor situational awareness (and lack of patience), as you can switch zones relatively quickly if you have the mobility.
    It also looks great thematically, for early/mid-C20th tank engagements.
    I can’t wait to lob some shells around on it (assuming we get the chance).

  5. OpaKnobbi says:

    Yes, please!
    Finally a new open map in development, great news. It needs some work to be done obviously, might b a bit too open and flat atm, but even in this state it is lightyears better than all these fucking left-middle-right corridor maps…

  6. heinz says:

    funny how they are actually listening to all the players (including me) screaming for more open maps and then they still make up a factory in the middle of nowhere for heavys to cornerfight… well otherwise heavy tank players would cry i guess.

  7. mockingbird0901 says:

    Some more of that north west part all over would be nice as well on some map. Just a bunch of small ditches where tanks can sneak in a flank, or just go over the top when they need to

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