WoT Supertest Maps

Good day everyone,

Two variants of a possible Grand Battle map in supertest. Summer setting somewhere on the Eastern front, with a mix of terrain to (in theory) offer decent gameplay opportunities for every class of tank. The first map variant is designed in the more traditional manner of maps in WoT:


While the second version is catered more towards encouraging each team to play to a role with an asymmetric design, with one focused on offense and the other being put into a more defensive role.


Obviously this is early testing so it’s yet to be seen just how well (or horribly) these maps end up playing out.

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WoT Supertest Maps

4 thoughts on “WoT Supertest Maps

  1. Anonymous says:

    Corridor right, corridor left, corridor middle = potato map for a potato game mode most players do not even use. Guess we should thank the gods there is not a lake or a stupid ship in the middle of the map. (WTG WG keeping the priorities real).

  2. Kyros says:

    People still play this mode ? Didn’t they know that you can turn it off in the settings ? Playing on huge maps is nice but I rather have 14 rocks pulling me down the ocean instead of 29.

  3. Nameless says:

    The concept behind the second map seems… interesting, I guess? While I don’t particularly like maps that somewhat forces one side to play defensively and the other offensively, I think it’s a good way to create maps where there isn’t a fixed number of key positions that you must take or you lose. Rather, it would seem far more interesting if this number was fluid and the situation at the front would dictate which positions on the map would help counter the enemy better. Basically, it promotes smarter play.
    So far, the game has no such map. This would be an interesting thing to experiment with, to be honest.

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