WoT Supertest: Medium Tanks Rebalance

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Throughout 2019, we will be revising the characteristics of various vehicles in World of Tanks, trying to find an optimal balance. It’s an ongoing process, and we carefully consider your feedback to better understand in which direction we should proceed. Our ultimate goal is to make all vehicles competitive on the battlefield, while maintaining the unique features of each tank.

At WG Fest last December, we announced an upcoming rebalance of five iconic vehicles. One of them, the Kranvagn, will receive its portion of consistent improvements soon with Update 1.5. Now it’s time to pay attention to some medium tanks and adjust their key battle parameters. Let’s take a closer look!

The STB-1 and Its Branch

The STB-1 is a versatile, fast-accelerating vehicle with a well-sloped turret and good gun depression angles. This vehicle is ideal for mid-to-close combat, and it’s designed to constantly deal damage. The STB-1 commonly plays the role of an active aggressor on the front line, or of an effective support vehicle – the latter is how this vehicle was initially conceived. Its DPM is very impressive and is one of the best in World of Tanks, while its gun stabilization leaves much to be desired. So it’s time to make it more competitive and add some new touches to its profile!


Finally, we are looking to equip the STB-1 with a commonly requested game feature: hydropneumatic suspension — just like the one available with the top-tier Swedish medium tanks. We will thoroughly test this feature, and if we are satisfied with the test results, we will definitely equip this vehicle with it.

In addition, we’re going to rebalance the performance of some other vehicles in the Japanese Tech Tree, especially those sitting at Tier VIII, the STA-1 and the STA-2. The DPM of the STA-1 will increase, making it more competitive.

We also carefully analyzed your feedback regarding the STA-2 and its gameplay and realized this mobile tank could be even more effective, so we will also slightly improve some of its key characteristics. We will unveil the detailed changes of this Premium machine a bit later, after finalizing the settings of other vehicles.

The Leopard 1

We consider the Leopard 1 as a long-distance sniper — fast and maneuverable. First of all, we will increase its alpha damage from 390 to 420, as well as armor penetration. We will also change the type of standard shells for this tank. By default, it will fire armor-piercing shells, and their velocity will become one of the highest in the game.

The Leopard 1 will be enhanced as a sniper and will be able to hit enemies more effectively at long range, thanks to increased accuracy and decreased aiming time. Also, its forward speed will increase by 5 km/h to 70 km/h, making the Leopard 1 the fastest Tier X medium tank in the game!

Due to such a serious improvement in its characteristics, we will have to reduce some other parameters which have less impact on its battle role. In particular, we’re reducing:

  • Reverse speed by 3 km/h, to 20 km/h
  • HP pool by 100 points, to 1850 points
  • Power-to-weight ratio

Leopard 1

However, after the rebalance, the Leopard 1 will still retain excellent mobility.

We also want to properly reconfigure the entire branch and check the effects of our changes on the researchable vehicles. Only then will we proceed to rebalance Premium Tier VIII tanks. So, the characteristics of the Pz. 58 Mutz will certainly be changed, but only after rebalancing the entire branch.

The AMX 30 B

The main change we’ve prepared for this tank is increased armor penetration with standard and special shells. At the same time, the alpha damage of the AMX 30 B will remain average.

AMX 30 B

When rebalancing the characteristics of this vehicle, we constantly kept in mind that it had no distinct playing role. The AMX 30 B is a universal second line support vehicle, which can perform equally well in a variety of game situations. However, it lacks accuracy and armor penetration when playing at long distances, so we decided to improve these characteristics. It’s the most universal choice as it performs better than the Leopard 1 at close quarters and better than the STB-1 at long range.

The Object 430 and the Object 430U  

These formidable vehicles have demonstrated good effectiveness since their introduction in World of Tanks, so we didn’t rush to change their characteristics. They were also not very common in Random Battles, and their number didn’t affect the game balance.

However, the number of these two tanks has increased in the last six months, as well as your feedback regarding their combat performance. Therefore, we decided to reduce some of their excessively high combat parameters.

Object 430

Object 430 U

Тhere’s Still A Lot of Work Ahead!

This is only the second iteration of a large-scale rebalancing which we are carrying out this year. In the future, we’ll focus on some popular heavy tanks, so share your feedback on the forum which vehicles should be rebalanced first. Stay tuned!


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WoT Supertest: Medium Tanks Rebalance

47 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Medium Tanks Rebalance

  1. lywellyn says:

    The STB-1 changes seem odd and likely to fail to do what they want, but the changes to the Leo1 and AMX 30B are welcome, as are the small nerfs to the OP Obj 430U.

    1. C J says:

      Look at the gun handling changes. STB will finally be viable, even with the pen buffs. At least now you can hit the enemy.

    2. Cant agree with you, Leopard 1 needed the best gun handling and aim time in class to be good.
      Its going to have the same dpm, the same sluggish speed speed since your engine is the same, less traverse 30 MORE DMG, WOW SUCK MY **** WARGAMING.

      No, unless you buff the engine or terrain softstats is not going to work.
      No, unless you dont buff its dpm its not going to be a good sniper.
      No, 30 more dmg and 50 more dpm its a joke.
      No, having the same softstats as a tier 10 chinese heavy its not the way.
      No, nerfing its hp its not going to help in 1km maps.
      **** YOU WARGAMING!

      But the changes to the broken russian med were nice, that tank was retarded.

    1. Dimmu112 says:

      Srsly ?? to made both tanks worst in whole tier 9 /10 medium lines, are you sane? most tier 10 meds have around 3,5k DPM and tier 9s about 2,8k DPM but they are going to totally ruin both tanks. 2k DPM and 2,3DPM for tier 9 and 10 meds is totally stupid!

      1. Anonymous says:

        A medium tank with better armor, mobility AND rpm than a heavy? Please….. this is a long awaited nerf

    2. Delis says:

      You realize that WoT just announced that all nerfs to the OBJ 430U and OBJ 430 have been canceled right? They said they were fine the way the were after testing…..

  2. Butthole Wizard says:

    So… what did they actually do to make the STB-1 more appealing…? I honestly don’t see it… Ok so it has a hydropneumatic suspension. Whoopty doo. It literally got nerfed in a lot of other ways such as the alpha, the pen (oh god 232mm on a medium tank is a bad joke), the top speed, the accuracy, the shell velocity, etc. It’s like they just don’t understand how to balance anything. I don’t even own an STB-1, or any Japanese medium for that matter, and I feel like these changes are more of a nerf than a buff. Now the Leopard I do own, and these changes look to be pretty solid in my opinion, but I have one problem now… Why in god’s name would you EVER play the Rheinmettall Panzerwagen? What’s the point? The Leopard 1 is now a flat out solid choice of a medium with a nasty AP round as standard and a decent APCR as a premium round. The DPM is still nice and that top speed increase is a VERY big deal for a lightly armored tank like the Leopard 1. I also own the AMX 30B and the Object 430U, so I have two questions here: Why did you buff the AMX 30B and why didn’t you nerf the armor on the 430U? The 30B is fine where it is now, it’s like a mid range dpm monster. The Object 430 didn’t really need any nerfs at all, but the 430U DID. It didn’t really need a gun nerf, but the armor is what makes it broken.

    Also, why didn’t you do anything with the T-62A or the 121 or the E50M? All of those tanks are kinda worthless or just plain bad…

      1. fuwgfanbw says:

        you get a sniper tank that can only snipe and bounce with the loss of HEAT
        fucking wargaming mongrels

      1. Butthole Wizard says:

        Yeah I see that now. It’s still bad though. You still lost 16mm of pen at that distance.

    1. >30 more dmg, 50 more dpm, less traverse, same engine, same worse softstats, removed HEAT…
      >nasty medium tank, nice “APCR PREMIUM”

      Are you ret**** or wat? Leopard 1 will still be a piece of **** with all those buffs you talk about.

  3. Paul says:

    these changes are mostly garbage.

    either not enough of a buff or nerf or the wrong things buffed and nerfed.

    The stb 1 will not now be good suddenly- 232 pen is like tier 8 premium heavy tank pen.. so garbage…
    the accuracy is going to be worse with a nerf too as well as speed nerf, view range nerf.. so still the worst tier 10 med.

    The 430u needed way more nerfs
    The Leo needed more buffs.. so leo will still be the second/third worst tier 10 med after stb 1.
    The amx30b needed more buffs as its pretty bad and the tier 9 is way better tier for tier…

    the 3 worst tier 10 meds are still the worst after this by FAR.

    1. Robopon says:

      Stb 1 pen nerf is only at 500 meters, they want to make it a close range brawling medium, I suppose. But I agree, it needs some buffs. Amx 30b and Leo will be VERY GOOD if these changes will go live, they don’t need any more buffs. How can you think that Leo and 30b are still bad is beyond me.

      1. Very good? Are you retarded?
        0,29 is not adequate for a med tank; in comparison a PREMIUM skorp g has 0.3, WE WERE EXPECTING 0.25 or something like that.
        1,7 aim time its a lie since you have the SAME F***** GUN DISPERSION AS A CHINESE HEAVY and feels like 2.4.
        The removed HEAT will cripple this tank offensive capacity.
        30 more dmg and its not a *nice gun*… NICEEEEE YEAH, ITS RETARDED.
        5 km faster, 5 less traverse, yeah it may seem nice, but its retarded since your engine was sluggish for starters and now you will have more problems traversing.

        We were expecting a
        1,5 sec aim time, 0,25acc, faster, 390 dmg, 3000 dpm medium tank with no armout and decent softats.

        Yet, they gave us this pile of crap.

      1. Fine. But not because of WG being imbeciles, but because of them having figured out a system that prints money for them, thus making employees more and more lazy.
        The notion that consumers are more intellectual than the devs only leads to a Dunning-Kruger effect.

      2. They want to eat they need to fix the game.
        Simple, im not giving any money to someone that doesnt invest in their development, and doesnt know how to balance properly their game.

  4. fuckartillery wgcunts says:

    they have pretty much nurfed meds nice lol stb-1 really needed some buffs and all i see are nurfs lmao WG showing once again they have no ideas what they’re doing ffs

  5. Anonymous says:

    Most changes seem okay, except for the STB-1, Most people don’t play it because the gun was a diva…now we get a brawling medium with paper armor…..da hell is wrong with you WG

  6. Babe_Plz_Dont_Report_Me_ASIA says:

    — STB-1 buffs are good for its playstyle, but must come with the new hydroneumatic suspension.
    — Leo1 changes are … I don’t know what they are even thinking. That is NOT buffing the Leo1, just make it a little worse. Its gun handling is better, but not much, but on the other hand they actually reduce its actual pen. 330mm HEAT into 315mm APCR? WTF?
    The HEAT is for those super heavies that WG created, and the new 315mm pen APCR will not be able to deal with those super heavies at long range.
    All in all, Leo1’s firepower is just the same as it was. And its mobility is a little worse.
    — AMX 30B… overbuffed. With this new stats then 30B will outperform even Cent AX in almost every aspect.
    — Obj. 430U… disaster nerfs. Why the f*ck WG must do something like that? Completely destroy a tank when it’s OP. I have no ideas what’s in their minds.
    Look at that gun handling, dispersion, and DPM. OMFG you will aim to death, then miss, then reload to death, then aim to death again.
    Why the f*ck they don’t just change its class to a Heavy tank and simply remove its concealment? Then people may not sell it or leave it in the dust forever.
    Actually the 430U is OP but not as toxic as the 268 v4 was.
    We accept the gun handling nerf of 268 v4 because it has a BIG gun with 650 alpha and decent pen value, not a 122mm 440 alpha. with HT’s pen.
    Then again, WG rebalance team f*cks things up as usual.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      430U used to be able to snapshot almost like a Patton while being completely invulnerable the moment it hid its lower plate. WG is just too dumb to nerf its broken armor (300+ mm cupolas on a medium, da comrade, in russia we bend space-time to fit more stalinium). It’s still far from being worthless. And all of it doesn’t even matter with 907s and Chieftains ruining tier 10.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I’d agree on the AMX overbuff…I don’t think it needs much.

      For X MTs, I’ve got the Patton, BC, and AMX…working on the russian line, but not there. The current AMX is one of my favs now because it seems so versatile. I guess I’d welcome buffs though? The Patton post buff (last year?) is much more viable again, but just like the overall AMX playstyle.

      It will take them a while to juggle and shake out all the vehicles, so I’m sure there will be bumps for everyones favorite vehicle along the way. Get ready to start playing your neglected tanks in the meantime, lol.

  7. Infernal969 says:

    I just love how they gave STB-1 some completely insignificant stuff like 1% more HP just so on the image there’s more greens than reds and they can call this atrocity a “buff”. Nerfing pen and accuracy on a tank that suffers mostly from… low pen and shit accuracy. Doesn’t matter if it’s 100 or 500 meters. Pen on the STB is bad already. Nerfing top speed on a slow medium and giving it pointless engine power. Nerfing view range for fuck knows what purpose. Lowering alpha in a peekaboo tank. Give me one reason to play this joke of a “rebalance” over the Patton.

    Brawling, close-range medium with no armor, ready to get shit on by arty with its 35 mm side armor. And the suspension is going to make the angles even worse. You can clearly tell none of those clowns play this game.

    1. NoComment says:

      The main problem with the Leo was its garbage soft stats that destroyed the gun handling. These buffs seem to have forced it into a long range sniper role in a game focused on short range brawling…

      Still they have buffed it and that is almost as shocking as nerfing the Russian meds is.

      1. Partybooper says:

        I agree that the soft stats are bringing the Leo 1 down at the moment. That’s why it is just “playable” in randoms, but not really competitive. However, even the soft stats are being buffed, alongside the aimtime and dispersion. Alpha and DPM increased at the same time which is amazing, and to top it all off, the penetration got a massive buff (remember that AP has 5° normalization while APCR has only 2°, so if you hit an enemy at a slight angle, the AP has an even bigger pen advantage over APCR than just the raw mm value).

        I am looking forward to it. The Leo 1 is not supposed to be a snapshot monster. It never was. It shouldn’t get forced into a playstyle which is reserved for other tanks. But – if you can absolutely reliably hit and pen targets over long distances (pen drop off is also lower with AP compared to APCR!), then this is what makes the Leo 1 a unique tank.

        It’s my most played tank so far (and my second tier 10 I think) and I can’t wait to see how it plays with its strong points further buffed.

      2. bbmoose says:

        The Leo SHOULD be a snapshot monster. It doesn’t have the armor to sit still and aim, the time that it has to expose itself has to be limited to an absolute minimum. There are not a lot of maps where you can engage targets at long range, so snapshot capability would make it more usable in medium or close range encounters in most of the corridor maps.

      3. Partybooper says:

        That’s what I meant with “It shouldn’t get forced into a playstyle which is reserved for other tanks.”
        You want to get into close range encounters? You’re doing it wrong, really…
        If at all, then do it in a platoon with a Russian med, who will bait and a shot and then you can peek and shoot without any risk.

        You can’t force any tank to work on any corner of any map. I also don’t want the Maus to have a top speed of 40kp/h so it stands a chance on Malinovka. If you get that map in a Maus, well, try to make the best of it. Same with the Leo 1 in a map which doesn’t offer too many long range engagements. Make the best of it. But don’t brawl with Russian meds and demand the Leo 1 to be superior.

      4. Nocoment says:

        I dint mind it being a long range sniper, It still going to have a hard time on the majority of maps though. Thats going to be down to the map design more than the tank after these buffs. I think It will now be much better for Frontlines and Grand battles where it will actually have some space to shine.

      5. bbmoose says:


        It’s not that you can control the range on which you engage your targets. At least, not on 80% of the current maps.

        And sitting at the back is a tactic that make you lose games. Giving it snapshot ability will make it playable in those situations when you have to fight tanks at a closer range. It will not take the roll of another tank, because it has no survivability to be a brawler.

        Making it a snapshotter will not make it a brawler, it will just make it at least usable at something else than missing shots from the redline…

  8. Yomir says:

    So yeah, the shitheads at wg just announced that the nerfs to the russians are canceled after all! We obviously can’t have our soviet tanks underperfom now, can we? gg wg.

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