WoT Supertest: Minsk Changes

Some changes made to test version of Minsk, with it’s size reduced to 900x900m and the number of destructible objects reduced.

The overall idea is to open up some space for more mobile vehicles and make positioning more important. The city section is so far nowhere near its final layout, and will probably see some more drastic changes after an overall map layout is decided.


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WoT Supertest: Minsk Changes

7 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Minsk Changes

  1. Seth H. says:

    “with it’s size reduced”

    Because that’s what players are complaining about, maps being too big.

    WG hears that we want ALL maps to be the size of the Mittengard at the largest, we would prefer them to be even smaller than that.

    What we need are maps the size of Frontlines and only as small as Grand Battles maps. If they went with maps the size of Frontlines they could have a dynamic/random play area based on the tier(s) playing. The play area wouldn’t move during battles like in Frontlines mode, it would be fixed. Play area could be A, B, C, etc from Frontlines battles, but could also cover parts of A/B/D/E, A/D, B/E, etc. This would turn a single map into multiple playable “maps”. No tank should have a view range that covers more than 1/4 of a map/play area.

  2. Anonymous says:

    First problem as map is shown…. RED cap zone looks WAY EASIER to defend than GREEN cap zone, because RED zone has bldgs, and GREEN zone is out in the open.

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