WoT Supertest- Minsk (Third Prototype)

Good day everyone,

Some more screenshots of of the Minsk map currently in supertest. A few things have been moved around, and with the basic idea of the map being revised, now being based on Minsk during the 1960s-70s. So no, still no WG development office.

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WoT Supertest- Minsk (Third Prototype)

9 thoughts on “WoT Supertest- Minsk (Third Prototype)

  1. As long as its nothing at all like –


    which seem to be WG preferred shit Maps for the weekend (every weekend) on the EU servers for us to not-enjoy just suffer

    then yes ok, at least its a ‘New’ Map

    1. lostmymarbles says:

      i play on the na server and we also had stalincrap crapkov paris and pilsen as well and yet here comes another city map that will be another disaster in the making …… i am beginning to think that wargaming wants all city maps now instead of wide open maps

  2. sefhyro says:

    if the actually used real topografic maps instead of insisting on making there owne, and turning the usual fucking corridors, that whould actually be a good fucking step forward, isntead of the shit we have today to play in

    1. Legion says:

      Should you decide to look how a city planning is actually done in terms of defense, you’d be quick to notice that exactly such “corridors” and choke points are pivotal for setting the groundwork for all successful defensive strategy. Have a good day, Sir/Madam.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And another flat map.. yaaaay.. can you at least 1 of the plain maps then? No one
    Need Paris.. make maps like south coast, pearl river, hidden village and northwest again!

  4. ibanez says:

    why dont bring back old maps, really!!!!! pilsen is the real shit, bring back north west map, or Severogorsk,Pearl River, paris is shit too

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