WoT Supertest- Minsk Ver. 4

Brief post, a video playthrough from one of the WoT RU communities of yet another version of Minsk currently in Supertest:

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WoT Supertest- Minsk Ver. 4

7 thoughts on “WoT Supertest- Minsk Ver. 4

  1. Anyone says:

    damn they are still trying to shove this crappy map on us. at least they got rid of the river, but its still a city / corridor map with a huge open kill zone in the middle
    PLEASE trash this map and try again.

  2. Arbeitssklave says:

    its like a BAD Copy of PILSEN or ENSK, Why are so many Rocks on some Maps and so Less Playable Ground.???
    It Sucks, a Map with 1000 x 1000m is Playable about 560 x 600m cause rest are Rocks and Something…

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