WoT: Supertest News: Berlin Map Pt 2

In this post we have a bunch of screen shots of the almost finalised map posted in the WoT forum.

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WoT: Supertest News: Berlin Map Pt 2

5 thoughts on “WoT: Supertest News: Berlin Map Pt 2

  1. Jeronimo McKracken says:

    Instead if you guys posting vacation photos how about you post something useful like photos of the Lunar Camos?

  2. yet another awful again no imagination ‘W’ key Heavy Tank corridor City Map
    WG are cheap and nasty when it comes to new Maps

    (nobody asks for this Berlin map just rammed hard up our behinds (as usual

  3. Anonymous says:

    New maps are always welcome, but why has Wargaming moved away from “open map styles?”

    And why can’t they reintroduce old maps in HD that most enjoyed.

    Note to Wargaming: We play the game and spend money on it when we enjoy it and have fun.

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