WoT. Supertest News: The T54E2

From the Forum: A newcomer is about to enter the Supertest. This heavy American dude isn’t into formalities; not having a proper name, it’s fine with being addressed by an index: T54E2.

post-502699962-0-09546600-1560492210If it had a name still, that would be “Mr. Versatility” as this Yank’s weak sides are balanced by the strong ones. For example, its gun has a dispersion of 0.4 which is far from ideal. But with an armor penetration of 226 mm (with a basic shell) the operator of the T54E2 won’t have to thoroughly aim at the weakest points of enemy vehicles. Penetrating opponents of the same tier won’t be a problem at all. Sure, the combination of an alpha strike of 390 points and 14-second reload time isn’t outstanding. But the sheer ability to dish out stable amounts of damage with basic rounds is worth much.

As for the survivability, the average hull protection of the T54E2 (150 mm at the front) is compensated for by its thick (up to 240 mm) turret armor. Even though the turret still has a weak spot (the commander’s cupola), the gun depression of -10 degrees allows for more ways of hiding it.

T54E2 is reasonably fast, with a top speed of 45 km/h and a specific power of more than 16 hp per ton of weight. This lets it take key positions and benefit from its armor penetration and gun depression angle. This tank is a well-rounded fighter, being a jack of all trades but a master of none. It may assist attacking allies or bolster its side’s defenses, being sheer Versatility on tracks.

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WoT. Supertest News: The T54E2

8 thoughts on “WoT. Supertest News: The T54E2

    1. Maltratatoru says:

      no no no no man, you have to give your money to wg, or else they will die poor. till the next time when they will make another premium tank that will make this one obsolete, just like the poor t34

    1. Osc says:

      Except for the pen and mobility this thing makes the T32 look like a super tank. If they sell it in this condition it’ll be a sad joke for anyone who buys it, outside the rabid tank collectors. Tumor cupola and atrocious dpm do not make a good tank.

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