WoT Supertest:-Object-260 & T-55A

As a result of power creep these two reward vehicles have been put into supertest to rebalance them. Images are clickable.





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WoT Supertest:-Object-260 & T-55A

30 thoughts on “WoT Supertest:-Object-260 & T-55A

      1. Partybooper says:

        I have the Obj. 260, and I also think it didn’t need any buff at all…
        It’s an excellent Brawler thanks to the very, very high mobility. It’s almost as mobile as a freakin’ medium tank. Try to aim at weakspots when this thing is rushing towards you with 50kp/h+… Good luck!

    1. Dead says:

      there is a reason you don’t see 260 owners playing it in pubs… it was a major disappointment after the time and effort it took to get it.

      1. Berto72 says:

        Any tier 8 noob can easy pen upper plate. I like my 260 but it is useless in any non total hulldown. So it just get dust in garage.

  1. Anonymous says:

    yes, please buff armor on t55a cause 201 mm pen OP, no need to touch that.
    idiots again fixing problems that doesnt exist.

    1. Yes it’s balanced for a teir 8 . For teir 9 it was screaming for buffs to pen and armor since the day it was put in the game. Do you really think anything that needs to spam heat V its own teir and some lower heavies just to pen is balanced ?

      1. Partybooper says:

        To compare it correctly, you should include both gun options on the T-54 in the comparison:

        Honestly speaking, the DPM gun isn’t really good on the T-54 unless you shoot HEAT exclusively (which I, personally, don’t do at all). So I prefer the very accurate, low DPM gun.

        Comparing to this gun, the T-55A has better soft stats, higher DPM, but lower pen. Overall, I am not sure whether the T-55A is better or the T-54. When I just look at my statistics, I believe the T-54 is still better. Which I wouldn’t mind though, because the T-54 is a regular tech tree vehicle more people can unlock. They are both good tier 9s anyway.

  2. Indy_ah says:

    Well what should i say. Im tired of tanks getting armor buffs over and over again, because of powercreep. Instead of seriously nerfing tanks, they just keep buffing weakspots away, making it harder for lowtiers to even damage them when perfectly aiming. Just ridiculous and annoying. Ill just leave it for now to collect dust, my time is worth more then getting tired,annoyed,angry by playing this game.

    1. Robopon says:

      Powercreep is a natural and inevitable course of action. If WG will start nerfing tanks “seriously” as you said, people will get SERIOUSLY pissed. When Bobject got nerfed, RU players were crying on forums that “bloody WG hates RU players, why don’t we get nice things, go suck ‘murican cock”. When Maus got nerfed Maus drivers and HT drivers in general started crying. No, nerfs are not the answer.

  3. Toodlepip says:

    I can think of many tanks – not only German high-tier tanks – that need buffs more urgently than these two. I only have the T-55A, but I found it to be perfectly workable. However, even if these two are a bit underpowered in comparison to regular tanks of the same tier, that is more often than not compensated for by the fact that they are played by experienced players … after all, it does take time and experience to finish the 3rd and 4th set of personal missions.

    Seriously, why give powerful tanks as a reward to players which are by definition much better than others anyway – the Object 907 being a prime example. Surely it would be enough incentive if the tanks rare, but not extremely strong?! Seems like Wargaming really don’t give a fuck about balancing.

    1. Matthias Motz says:

      The skilled players become strong reward tanks and the weekend players have to buy premium tanks that completly is out of meta….Nice wargaming. Money is working……

  4. Great, the T55 really did not need those armor buffs, just change the cupola too, because then T7 tanks can’t do 0% to it anymore and 300 turret? REALLY? So it becomes better the the Kranvagn turret? Good job WG, good players become even better, because 9/10 when there is a 55 on my or the enemy team he is ALREADY TOP OF THE TEAM…

    When are the Chinese being buffed? When are the Italians nerfed? The german MTs?

  5. Tuttotondo says:

    Sold both t55a and obj260: best choice i did. I thought the were good… they are garbage. And will still garbage with this buff.

  6. T55a says:

    Lol, I’m a horrible player and my t55a is my best tier 9 tank with like 57% WR. I only shot gold in it and it pens everything I hit. 3000 dmg is a regular thing. The only problem with the tank it is super hard to ace it since many good players play it, 5500 dmg and 6 kills delivered 1 class only. Buff? Ah, OK, why not.

  7. The t54 prototype has incredibly low pen with standard AP ammo…yet…somehow I don’t have ANY PROBLEMS using that ammunition full time…russian MAGIK. Including tier x battles. 5/5 battles.

    Other nations such as the french revalorise has APCR as standard ammunition with slightly higher penetration, yet in four tier x game it will penetrate 20% of hits, the next game it will penetrate 80% of hits….russian MAGIK. Including tier x battles. 1/5 battles avg.

    The spagetto also has low penetration values with standard ammunition yet is the second best performing medium tier 8 premium tank behind the MAGIKAL T44-100. Source is from only one stat gatherers and collators data table.

    Play russian tanks, don’t shoot at any russian tanks, and you will excel in this game.

    So the T55A even if only have 190mm pen with standard AP, SHOULD be as good as the t54 proto, but it never will be. Especially being a tier higher!. I’m not sure on its pen value, but must be at least 180mm currently and is buffed to 201mm at 100m range.

    FYI direct quote from the WG sales team 2 weeks ago for the T44-100 sale “The t44-100 is a master of nothing, but is average at everything”.

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