WoT Supertest: Object 268 v4 Nerfs

Good day everyone,

On supertest it seems the Object 268 v4 will be receiving some nerfs (probably not to everyone’s satisfaction, but probably welcome news):

Key Stat Nerfs:


  • Engine Power: Reduced from 1500 hp ⇢ 1350 hp
  • Power to Weight Ratio: Reduced from 20 ⇢ 18 hp/t
  • Reverse Speed: Reduced from 22 kph ⇢ 20 kph
  • Aim Time: Increased from 1.92 sec ⇢ 2.3 sec.


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WoT Supertest: Object 268 v4 Nerfs

84 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Object 268 v4 Nerfs

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah, someone done goofed. Also they probably reused the one for the 430 v2 and forgot to delete the name.

      1. Dez says:

        wait this is nerf? oh but its looks same I dont think this is nerf but sure for RED tomatoes it is

  1. Black_death_X says:

    Those comments are from who don’t have this tank and haven’t worked hard to get it.
    As usual the noob players that cry for a good thank (that don’t hown) push WG to nerf good tanks.

    1. Rubber boas says:

      The comments might also be from people with at least some basic understanding of statistics. The tank is OP. I have one and it’s completely idiotic. It’s even dumber than a full gold Type 5

    2. Anonymous says:

      I have all tanks and I welcome this as I was amazed about how powerful is this TD. WG will do a good job to nerf this. It is a TD not a heavy.

    3. Killtech says:

      yeah, that’s kind of the idea of balance. nerf good tanks, buff bad tank so in the end all are just average.

      1. You do realize that all tanks can be statistically average without all being the same, right? If your idea of a tank being “good” is being so blatantly OP is practically breaks it’s MM spread, you’re the kind of cancer who’s been eating away at WG’s insides for the past few years.

    4. lukas93h says:

      worked hard… ridiculous. most people worked hard for the Obj. 263 and got this massively overpowered thing for NOTHING!

      they should nerf the 430 and 430U too.. way to good and way to less xp cist for the tier 9 one compared to others.

      1. DarkSkoll says:

        Some of us worked hard for the original 263 before it was nerfed hard. It was just like this tank but with less weakspots. So I’m not surprised or butthurt.

      2. you do realize the 430 isnt even that good, its kinda average actually, inaccurate gun, meh dpm, the only good thing it has going for it is side scraping, i would rather take a e50 over it

  2. Tiger says:

    I was hoping some nerf to the lower plate… well something is better than nothing.

    I’ve seen players who struggled to maintain 45% win rate in other tier 10 tanks roam.around with 53% in this pile of junk

  3. Infernal969 says:

    For this thing to be anywhere near balanced it should go 30, not 50.
    But at least you won’t need gold to pen the “weakspots”.

      1. real_toothdecay says:

        “Could just make the T110e3 do 50km/h then it wouldn’t be the only one like this”

        SO MUCH this ^^^^

  4. Everybody seems to think the giant mid plate is the lower plate, which might be part of the reason why this thing murders everyone. But yeah, much needed good changes.

    1. real_toothdecay says:

      Not every player knows about this, only the forums OR vids. Not every player checks the portals and sites. Like it or not, it’s true.
      So, if you came on one, 1st time or 100X, where would you shoot if you didnt know ? The BIG plate. Thats where. And WG knows that. Cause WG = Knows All.

  5. Shadowhunter says:

    Wow so soon ? I expected the nerf to come in a year or so

    Anyways nerfs look nice. Will give tier 8’s somewhat of a chance to kill this

    1. DUPLICAFLY says:

      Don’t be fooled: it’s only supertest. It MAY only go through the live server in a patch or 2 if we are lucky…

  6. Mikosah says:

    But wait a minute, I thought it was getting “both positive and negative comments” so therefore it was balanced? I thought “if anything, it might be buffed”. What’s that? The pubbies are getting a 57% average WR in it? How can this be? Perhaps we just need to spend more time observing the situation.

    In seriousness, praise the Lord! Nerf the hell out of this abomination! WG actually realized their mistake several months ahead of schedule. Replacing the 263 in the first place was still a retarded thing to do, but at least they’re now aware of that.

    1. DUPLICAFLY says:

      You have a weird logic If by “stupid players” you mean people like LemingRush, SirFoch, Circonflexe and so much more.

      1. wtfcaniuse says:

        @RagnarokBazil The e25 was stupidly OP but powercreep is making it less so. It is no longer the most OP load of BS in the game.

      2. bbmoose says:

        The E25 requires skill and is almost unplayable on maps like Himmelsdorf. It’s only OP in the hands of a good player on maps like Malinovka.

  7. ROMBAT says:

    After this nerf tier 9 obj 263 will be better than this…gg for the wg and the nerfing chorus monkeys that are pleased of any nerfs.

      1. you do realize the 430 isnt even that good, its kinda average actually, inaccurate gun, meh dpm, the only good thing it has going for it is side scraping + a decent turret, i would rather take a e50 over it

  8. Honestly is a fair nerf, those weak spots are hard to hit and the effective armor is still decent. It’s hilarious how this tank can make a bad player become a huge threat in the battlefield.

    The reverse speed and the power to weight ratio nerfs may give fast meds and light tanks from lower tier an opportunity to kill this thing.

    Anyways, just double track it and roflstomp it at the sides 🙂

    1. bbmoose says:

      The Hellkitty is quite capable as it is now. It’s a nice tank to play. Maybe some more reversespeed would be nice.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nerfs pon paper 0 impact in reality. Good luck trying to hit those microscopic weakspots on a bobing Bobject at any range, the rest of the armour is still OP.
    WG is just fooling everyone into thinking that this are actual nerfs, the Bobject is still too fast for that armour, it will still play like a MT/HT/HT in one package.

    The drop in hp/ton is irrelevant as long as the ground resistances don’t change, oh wait it’s will go insignificantly slower up hill then it does now, wow much nerf.

    Nerf to aim time, irrelevant, as if aiming at 0.42 reticle changes anything, not to mention that 0.42 is irrelevnat as only average dispersion matters, max dispersion is barely relevant just ask KV-2.

    Nerfs need to be way bigger, if WG wants to get this OP monstrosity down from a average WR of 57%, when the highest other TD is barely at ~50% WR.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The v4 is the pinnicle of things being balanced around premium shells and to be honest I can’t wait to see this thing burn….

  11. Tim Jones says:

    So at this point why did the even introduce the 268 V4 because then it’s no longer upgrade or a better version of object 263 devs need to ask themselves why did they go through all that work they should have just left the 263 line alone maybe remove the Su 122 54 but the 268 is worthless if they start nerfing it because they’ll soon have the same problem as they had with 263 people using it as a sniper instead of a Frontline assault

  12. Tim Jones says:

    Oh by the way didn’t the guy from the bounce try to warn wargaming about this obviously his vision has come to pass because they didn’t want to listen to The Daily bounce

  13. Microsaboteur says:

    Anonymous comments are just like the toilet papper that we use to wipe our ass ,WG shouldn’t satisfy jokers like these guys who think that nerfing good tanks is justice to them and ppl that they don’t own this tank anyway we don’t care if they nerf it or not still is a good broler td!!!

    1. situations don’t always permit one to do whats best to kill the enemy tank closest to them without suffering considerable damage,getting permatracked,receiving critical hits to modules (sucks even more when your repair kit is on cooldown) or just plain killed

  14. Jorma says:

    Lol these bobs crying their bobject getting nerfed. It was the only tank they managed to get wr above 50% in tier 10 😀

  15. SirGruut says:

    At what angle is the nerfed lower plate in that picture? The current 268v4 has that plate very close to auto bounce which means you need premium heat ammo even after the nerf

  16. banjoman150 says:

    Hurray!!! Oh and those are actually pretty good nerfs. Hits the Object right where it hurts. Weakspots are viable targets without premium now and its mobility is worse, together with the longer aimtime it will make it more difficult for the object to hit snapshots. All the while it will probably still be a good tank.

    1. I don’t understand how nerfing the aimtime by .2sec and making weakspots less armored makes this a good nerf. This tank will still be to go 55 km/h and have T110E3 armor with pixel-sized weakspots. WG should either make it slow and keep the armor, or nerf the armor and have it go fast (like the Obj. 263).

      1. banjoman150 says:

        You are only looking at it form if you can easily take that vehicle down. Do think that those nerfs will be enough? no! But i think its a good step in the right direction and there is no reason they cant nerf it further if nessassary. Will they do it if it still op? I sure hope so

      2. Robopon says:

        Upper plate on this thing is about the same size as E3’s lower plate. And E3 has good dpm and no more frontal weakspots.

  17. bbmoose says:

    The problem is the mobility. This combination of OP armor and medium tank mobility is what makes it OP. That shit has no place in this game. With that armor, it should have the same mobility as the Jgdpz E100.

    And all the noobs crying: “yeah, but speed and armor is the thing what makes this line unique”, should shut up. It’s what makes it gamebreaking.

    I mean, Jgdpz E100 has less armor, should be lighter because of that. Why doesn’t they make that tank go 65 km/h?

  18. Vepe says:

    Anyway, should be careful with nerfs because this tank will easily slip into same unusable oblivion as standard 268. Please remember that all tanks that are used in CWs are somewhat OP compared to others (which you will never see in CWs). It’s good vehicle for WG for other reason too because it will use 5 repair kits per game for its tracks only.

  19. dr.Z says:

    It’s interesting how many people are against this little nerf…

    Long time WOT players do know that WG allways has a MORONTANK at tierX
    so that moronic part of population gets to grind it or pay for freexp-ing so that they could shit on people for a while.
    Once it was waffle, then E5, even Maus was famous for a month only, now we have this so we can only guess which tierX will be next MORONTANK that f…s the matchmaking at tierX.
    And then WG is wondering why WOT doesn’t work as a e-sport

  20. I have a name says:

    Kill this cancer tank pls. I’ll be laughing my ass of at all of you that grinded it… mimimi “I needz teh OP TD naow!”

  21. Luís Augusto Panadés says:

    Just compare it with that shit Grille 15 that they pushed over us and that they ridiculously nerfed while they would have to buff.

    That’s the balancing staff mind. Wargaming should fire balancing staff period.

  22. Panos says:

    There are not changes. Except russian midget tanks, no other can hit that tiny strip at the lower plate. And to hit the top weak spots requiring aiming while even after the nerf going to be pretty mobile tank to aim.

    If the 268 v4 was the size of T110E4/E3 or JPZ E100 then yes, those changes could have been OK. But it is not. Is half their size.

    And is absurd gold shells from E3 cannot pen the frontal plate of this cancer.
    WG is mocking us here with this pittance of remedies to the cancer they put in game.

  23. i think it’s a reasonable enough nerf…but we all know something else in some other line at some point in the future will be very OP

    only enjoyable experience i had involving one of these was when on the map that used to be called arctic region he decided to say screw it on reload and ram my Mauerbrecher going downhill…he killed himself and i got a kamikaze ribbon out of it lol, guess he didn’t realize how heavy i was (around 170 tons with equipment added)w

  24. pppp says:

    Nerf T110e3 . you cen not penetrate T110e3 without gold in fornt. T10e3 not have week spot infornt! Eat gold!

    1. cimuntu says:

      actually you can pen it frintally even without prem round you dummy, i managed to pen it with my IS-4 using standard shell, and also it sluggish huge shit, at least you can easily flank it. The problem is this huge turd obj 268 4 is half of it size and have 55 kmph speed, as fast as tier 10 MT, and have microscopic size weakspot

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