WoT: Supertest: Object 752

Today we are starting the Supertest for the Object 752, a Tier IX Soviet heavy.

An oscillating turret and a gun with an autoloader (a quite uncommon combination for a Soviet) are the signature features of this vehicle. The autoloader is a fast one: three shells, 2.75 seconds between shots, and 21.8 seconds for a complete reload. As for the other stats, the gun dispersion is 0.4 m per 100 m, and the aiming time amounts to 3 seconds. The basic AP round can penetrate 256 mm of armor, and the special APCR can pierce 318 mm. The gun’s one-time damage is 440 points, and the vehicle’s view range is 380 m.

The protection of the Object 752 is adequate for a heavy: up to 330 mm of armor at the front of the turret and up to 180 mm at the front of the hull. Yet keep in mind that there’s a weakly armored oscillating part behind the turret’s frontal plate, so you better engage your enemies at mid-range. Keeping the distance between your opponents and yourself is not a problem with a power-to-weight ratio of 17.4 hp per tonne and a top speed of 50 km/h. A gun depression of -8 degrees lets you use terrain folds to your advantage.

The Object 752 combines the aggressiveness of the Soviets with the cautiousness of the French. The dynamics allows it to take advantageous positions first, and its firepower lets it dish out lots of damage over a short period of time. Still the tank’s operator should think beforehand of a place to wait out the reload time (while covering the weakly armored parts). The key to efficient play on this tank is reacting quickly to changes in the tactical environment, while making use of the vehicle’s strong sides.

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WoT: Supertest: Object 752

17 thoughts on “WoT: Supertest: Object 752

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have no problem with them introducing more Russians tanks since it is a Russian game after all, but I have a problem when they introduce a new Russian tank that looks stronger then tanks in the tier above it on paper. Such a bad idea.

  2. Buddah says:

    Just same as before, even if thay put another “blueprint” in the game they HAVE to boost it cause its RUSSIAN, thats my problem. And i F***ng hate this Russian Bias, not the game or the russian tanks, just this russian positive RNG shit, thats my problem, Why allways show the world, we use steriods on Russian tank and we dont give a shit, we hate all the world if they use Steroids, we have exclusive rights, but we wanna compete on same premises as the rest of the world, OK

    That ignorance have destroyed this game consept long time ago.

    This is the Real values of the proposed values of this blueprint tanks.

    Object 752 Heavy Tank

    The Object 742 was a Soviet heavy tank proposal that was not put into action.

    Name: Object 752
    Type: Heavy Tank
    Origin: Soviet Union
    Weight: 45,3 Ton
    Speed: 50 km/h
    Crew: 4

    Primary Armament:
    -122 mm M62-T2

    ( Same gun as on T-10 /Object 730 /IS-8,
    and it was Never proposed or intended to have a autoloader gun)

    215 mm Upper Plate,
    200 mm Lower Plater:

    260 mm Front
    150 mm Rear

  3. CrispyBacon says:

    I feel it’s a bit underpowered in regards of firepower…interclip should be more like 2s with 2s aiming time. I mean seriously – its Russian/Soviet and should stomp all the fascist/capitalist trash 😝

    1. Bajie says:

      I completely understand where you are coming from, but don’t forget. The accuracy and aim time stats work different on rashan tonks – the higer the numbers the better the stats. So this tank is actually between super good and balanced 😉

  4. Sturmi0545 says:

    makes me happy that COD: MW exists. not that I’d buy it, but sometimes it feel nice to see ruskie impotent rage power fantasies being countered by US impotent rage power fantasies.

      1. NoComment says:

        Its a power fantasy because the project obviously failed and those tanks were not running around in the 1950/60’s bringing Russia to world dominance by out classing everything the west had to offer.

        Just like the game isnt portraying them! along with many other tanks most of them suoprise suprise are Russian.

        Where was it said this tank never existed and was made up by WG?

      2. NoComment says:

        why not bring the sturmtiger into the game with its real gun characteristics but with a 15sec reload …see thats called a German power fantasy.

      3. Sturmi0545 says:

        “power fantasy”, because ruskie tonks are mysteriously superior to tanks of all other nations, in a game where a balancing of vehicle specs would be necessary and absolutely possible. but since mother russia is unfortunately just a cross-dressing angry old nationalist guy with dysfunctional gonads, one has to overpower the rest of the world wherever one can.

      4. Toodlepip says:

        The dominance of Soviet tanks in WoT seems kind of funny considering the fact that Russian tanks sort of failed up to live up to their expectations when they were actually used in large scale military encounters such as the Six-Day War or the Yom Kippur War. Seems like Russian bias doesn’t work so well in real life.

      5. @Toodlepip – If you mean those IS-3/IS-3M losses, that was caused mainly by poor training of their egyptian and syrian crews, ingenuity and high training standard of israeli military, unsuitability of the tank for desert environment, and the tanks itself were kinda obsolete by 1967 (by that time, Soviet army retired even the T-10M from frontline service and started to field the T-64 tank) but even then, their armour was considered to be quite tough by the Israelis. And mind you, they were fighting M48A2 and -A3 Pattons (though many of those were armed with the 90mm gun instead of the 105mm).
        Sorry for bringing Wiki here, but their info is referenced from Steven Zaloga, who is one of the best sources on soviet tanks that I know of.

      1. Buddah says:

        I left a LINK for some source, u just shoot from the HIP without any kinda scource, so let me just Laught until u prove your statement. French blaaa

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