WoT Supertest: Progetto M35 Mod. 46

Good day everyone,

Some proper news emerging at last, and here we have the first Italian tank released from supertest:


Tier: 8
HP: 1,400
Hull Armor: 60/30/20mm
Turret Armor: 80/40/25mm
Max Speed: 55/-20 kph
Turret rotation speed: 37.55 °/s
Rotation speed hull: 41.72 °/s
View Range: 390m
Damage: 240/240/320
Penetration: 212/259/45
Reload: 9.59 – 16.3 s*
Magazine Size: 4 items
Accuracy: 0.32
Aim Time: 2.01 sec

*The new Italian machine will apparently have a new autoloading mechanic that will allow you to reload immediately after firing, rather than having to fire off the entire shell magazine. This is covered in the newest Dev Diary:



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