WoT Supertest: Ruinberg Changes

Even more info from supertest: This time being changes to the Ruinberg map. Most of which are intended to aid the southern spawn team with some slight terrain changes, additional cover, and the removal of some buildings. Seen here in handy GIF form:

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WoT Supertest: Ruinberg Changes

17 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Ruinberg Changes

    1. Noone says:

      No it wasn’t.

      One of the sides is a lot easier for light tanks and meds than other one. Also the very same side allows fast tanks to take good position on the corner, down the road, lit half of the enemy team and be reasonably safe while so.

      To me it always felt like it was one of the worst maps regarding balance. Despite that, I kind of like that map anyway 🙂

  1. Infernal969 says:

    Now unfuck the Fjords, Fisherman’s Bay, finally remove Redshite (how many times has this shit map been changed, every time for the worse?) and bring back Kharkov.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sounds like nothing they do will satisfy u. If that’s the case then maybe u would be better off playing a different game.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Sounds like you have nothing constructive to add so you would be better off eating your own boogers than replying here.

    2. wolvenworks says:

      Redshire is okay now, and Fjords is at least playable for now. Fisherman’s rework was great, no complaints yet for now. Kharkov was….terrible. it and Sand River needs rework, IMHO. i think your map selection sucks. PLEASE don’t tell me you like Sand River. i’d just mark you as a faggot if so.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Have fun playing Redshite with anything that doesn’t get gun depression or engine power.
        It’s also great now how one side can shit on heavies advancing to the “heavy flank” with a conveniently placed river bed. The castle is next to useless, the hill is still a dumb campfest and bases now have tons of bushes for wankers to stop you from making any play. Truly amazing map. Any other map with this amount of changes is long gone from this game, but they still pretend this one is good in any way so it stays.
        Kharkov was a map that allowed everyone to play. It had open fields for lights, long firing lines for TDs, brawl spots for heavies and tons of crossings for mediums. The only ones having problems were arty shitters and guess what – fuck them. But no, instead the fucking Paris stays in the game.
        Sand River is far from the best, but also far from the worst. Learn your viewrange.

  2. good. I dont care if there are new maps, rebalanced maps or old ones bought back. any change is nice. Even if its unbalanced for one side 50/50 you will get the good side.

    1. heinz says:

      sir, do you mention the word “arty kill zone” when talking about a city map? sir, are you drunk or stupid or stupid or are you camping on the middle of the field and then complaining about arty shooting you?

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