WoT Supertest: Swedish T10 MT, UDES15/16


The English overlay and original Russian ( WoT Express ) stats screenshot and tech tree from latest iteration of the supertest. First iteration is here.

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WoT Supertest: Swedish T10 MT, UDES15/16

9 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Swedish T10 MT, UDES15/16

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ithink dmg should just be 400 in order to keep 121 slightly relevant.. other than that i think the stats look fairly balanced

    1. I second that.
      How about these stats:
      Damage: 400
      Penetration: Exactly the same
      DPM: Also keep it exactly the same
      Accuracy: Improve to 0.3 or better
      Aim Time: 2.0 or less, perhaps 1.8
      Dispersion on the move/turret traverse: Keep it similar to what it is, maybe nerf it a little bit. Right now, it is exactly on par with the M48A5, meaning it’s among the best there is:
      0.08 on Turret Traverse
      0.10 on Moving
      0.10 on Tank Traverse
      Very good on-the-move stabilization coupled with good accuracy would make it a terrific sniper, which also fits neatly in line with its equally terrific camo rating, low armor values and above-average mobility. A turreted medium/TD hybrid.

  2. Rees says:

    It looks not good to me.
    1000 m/s shell velocity, not much penetration, long aim time, not very fast.
    Why would i play this instead of a kranvagn. It looks already obsolete.

    1. The way it’s presented here it’s actually too strong due to the massive alpha (in previous renditions it was even 460). Couple that with stats that are similar to the best T10 mediums in the game right now, it’s a pretty mean machine, borderline overpowered. It’s fast enough to easily wolfpack with other mediums (Kranvagn: Nope), has massive depression up to -13 degrees in siege mode (Kranvagn: Nope, -12 degrees), has exceptional camouflage values that surpass the Bat.-Chat. 25t (Kranvagn: Nope), has top-notch gun stabilization on par with the M48A5 Patton (Kranvagn: Nope) and has acceptable DPM (bear in mind: 440 alpha damage). The only advantage the Kranvagn has is its turret armor, really.

      So…it should be the other way round. Why would anyone bother with the Kranvagn at this point? Or the 121?

      1. Anonymous says:

        For those saying the pen is too low.. keep in mind that those are ap standard rounds since its a 120 gun, which is the equivalent of typical 268 apcr on most t10 meds due to normalization.

      2. ” keep in mind that those are ap standard rounds since its a 120 gun” – actually, it’s firing APCR standard, HEAT as premium. Rather then low pen I’m more curious as to why the shell velocity is so low for APCR

      3. Rees says:

        Ok ok, but 1000 m/s is still very bad on a T10 medium.
        I’d rather have fast APCR as standard, even though it loses some penetration over distance.

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