WoT Supertest. Swedish T8 HT Emil I

Emil I supertest

Further changes to the Emil I as some buffs were undone or made into nerfs. Stage 1 is here.

Starting values and changes.

  • Tier VIII Swedish Heavy Tank.
  • Health: 1400 Hit Points.
  • Engine Power: 430380 Horse Power.
  • Weight: 28.80 tonnes.
  • Power to weight ratio: 14,9313.19 hp/tonne.
  • Max Speed: +50/-16 km/h.
  • Hull Traverse: 28 26 °/s
  • Turret Traverse: 20,9 °/s
  • Ground resistance: 1,151 / 1,247 / 2,014.
  • Hull armor: 100/20/30 mm.
  • Turret armor: 180/35/20.
  • View range: 360 m.
  • Radio range: 850 m.
  • 3 Crew members.
  • Gun: 10,5 cm TK 105-9.
  • Alpha damage: 360/360/460.
  • Penetration: 217/242/53 mm
  • DPM with A.P.: 1.997.9.
  • Reload time per shell: 3 sec.
  • Magazine reload time: 26.434 sec.
  • Magazine shell capacity: 3.
  • Total shell capacity: 57.
  • Accuracy: 0.364.
  • Aim time: 3,07 s.
  • Gun elevation – depression: +15 / -12.

Stats table from DoM1N .

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WoT Supertest. Swedish T8 HT Emil I

19 thoughts on “WoT Supertest. Swedish T8 HT Emil I

    1. Nathan says:

      The Emil I already suffers because it’s mobility is terrible on anything except level, paved surfaces – there is no reason that WG should be further nerfing its already poor mobility.

      The existing gun is workable – the slightly lacking penetration and gun handling balances out the turret armor and gun depression. I’m not even sure that I would consider the changes to the gun a buff. Sure the DPM is up slightly, but the clip damage is way down – 1280 damage to 1080.

      Honestly, the Emil I is fine just the way it is. Maybe the engine power or terrain resistance could use a slight buff, but there are OTHER tanks that are much more deserving of a rebalance.

      *cough* IS-3A *cough* Type 5 *cough*

      1. Rees says:

        Have you ever played the IS3A?
        It is balanced be the horribly unreliable gun.
        My average damage on normal IS3 is much higher than on IS3A.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wtf did I just see?!?!
    Is wargaming out of its mind? I thought they were going to overall buff the swedish heavy line, and it looked absolutely fine in the first iteration, but then they started nerfing the already very poor gun handling, and now they took away the mobility buff as well. So how is it looking now? 40 more damage, ~200 more dpm and worse gun handling. Yes, this is exactly what this tank needed… This is like a nightmare! I have been waiting for swedish heavy buffs ever since it was announced in November, and now I wish they didn’t touch the line at all. I can’t even imagine what will they do to the kranvagn. Probably nerf gunhandling, cuz it’s not bad enough, and also nerf mobility while they are at it, because at the end of the day, these are not russian tanks. Well go and fuck yourself wargaming! Russian bias is fucking real.

  2. So the line that had its mobility nerfed from the get go, even though they were designed to have good mobility, just so they could add more armor. Is now going to lose even more mobility so they can add damage and continue to ignore the shitty gun handling? What the hell are they smoking?

    1. It’s not going to “lose even more mobility”, in a previous iteration of the supertest they buffed the mobility, and before it even became news on the english sites the mobility buff had been removed.

      TL;DR – mobility is unchanged from live server

    1. Anonymous says:

      Ahhaahahaha i see how good player u must be (sarcasm).Gold pen on Emil is 242,and he fights ofc vs other heavys,like defenders VK100 in best case scenario,not to mention tier 9 and 10 heavys.Do u thing that pen is good???Or maybe on Kranwagen gold pen of 300mm???U are one of these bad players who allways complain about gold and think that problem is there in gold,not in bad plays they have.So pls dont comment something u dont understand clearly.

  3. Simon Arès says:

    Literally the only thing it had going for it was mobility.. Now they nerf it….
    Meanwhile, Chrysler K is like :
    WG, always searching for wasy to screw things up.

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