WoT Supertest: T-44 Lightweight

Straight from supertest, a new Soviet light tanks (hey, at least it’s not another heavy) based on the T-44 medium tank. This one is looking to be set as some sort of reward tanks. What exactly for hasn’t been revealed yet, but here are the stats:

Tier: 8

Hit Points: 1200

Weight: 31.370

Engine Power: 750hp

Power to Weight: 23.91 hp/t

Speed: +68/-20 kph

Hull Traverse: 50 deg/sec

Turret Traverse: 41.7 deg/sec

Terrain Resistance: .863/.959/1.918

Hull Armor: 90/75/??mm

Turret Armor: 120/90/??mm

View Range: 390m

Signal Range: 700m

Gun: 85mm Zis-S-53BM

Penetration: 170/210/44mm

Damage: 180/180/300

Reload: 5.753 sec.

Rate of Fire: 10.429

DPM: 1877.1

Aim Time: 1.92sec

Accuracy: 0.316

Depression/Elevation: -5/+20

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WoT Supertest: T-44 Lightweight

18 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: T-44 Lightweight

      1. Yea, 170/210 pen will do A LOT against Defenders, Chryslers, Mauses and shit loads of other retarded tanks now swarming the battlefields. It is totally so better!

      2. cynicaldutchie says:

        Being better than the T-44 is not hard to accomplish considering how bad it is. That being said I don’t see how this is better since it won’t even be able to pen other T8s reliably.

  1. Partybooper says:

    The T-54 LW is already the best tier 9 light tank with a way too strong turret and magic bounces from the hull. In my opinion, another light tank with the same playstyle and advantages like this one on tier 8 can ruin the balance of the tier 8 light tanks as well.

    Light tanks should be highly mobile, but vulnerable to anything. It makes no sense to play a light with no armor in this meta anymore when you can’t outrun, outspot or “outcamo” a highly armored light on the same tier you even struggle to pen reliable due to too strong armor.

    Feels strange.

  2. heinz says:

    Renamed T-44 with other stats? Copy paste model? Nice we desperately need more stronk Russian tanks or should I say “tanks” because this clearly never existed

    1. Lafie says:

      Last time that was said, it was about the STG, and on closer examination it doesn’t look that great.

      Gun handling is just terrible for a tier 8 medium.

  3. Atom_Hunter says:

    We do not have a premium LT high tier to train the Russian crews. There are French, Chinese and German premiums, but we still do not have Americans or Russians.

    1. cynicaldutchie says:

      How is this P2W? This piece of shit won’t be able to reliably pen other T8s even if it’s firing gold.

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