WoT Supertest: T54E2, More Pics

More pictures of the Tier8 American Premium Heavy Tank from the Supertest. Still no textures as the model is still being refined but we expect to see it in Patch 1.6. Previous report

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WoT Supertest: T54E2, More Pics

10 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: T54E2, More Pics

    1. NOPP says:

      Historically this design wasn’t meant to carry an autoloader. Even if it was, an autoloader with its specs like this at tier 8 would make it ridiculously overpowered

    1. Because WG for some reason would rather make multiple US vehicles as reward or CW vehicles when they easily could make 2 more medium tank lines.

      Unfortunately that privilege only belongs to the Russian tree.

  1. nrnstraswa says:

    All this work vested into yet another premium American heavy, yet the poor T32 sits in the corner forgotten by WG.

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