WoT Supertest: The Tortoise MkI

Wargaming have called the the new British Tier VIII TD Turtle NO that’s the American name it’s a British tank so it’s Tortoise.


Today, we have big news: the Turtle Mk. I, a British Tier VIII TD, is about to hit the Supertest.

It’s similar to the British assault tank line spearheaded by the FV217 Badger, both in appearance and stats. Its survivability reaches 1,400 HP, and the frontal armour is 228 mm thick, which is quite impressive. However, everything has its price. The Turtle Mk. I suffers from low mobility, like most vehicles of its line. With a top speed of 20 km/h, we recommend choosing your flank during the countdown and sticking to it until the end of the battle.

That said, the Turtle Mk. I has an ace up its sleeve: its gun. It reloads in 6.6 s with an average damage per shot of 330 points. So, its DPM reaches 3,000, one of the highest values in the entire game! The accuracy and aiming time are decent as well: 0.34 m at 100 m and 1,7 s, respectively. Dealing with enemy armour won’t be much of an issue: the standard shells (AP) penetrate 217 mm and the special rounds (APCR) 245 mm of effective armour. One more thing: the gun depression angle is -10° and the horizontal gun arc is 20° each to the left and the right.

The screnshots.

Let’s sum up: though the Turtle Mk. I fires much faster than it rolls! Its survivability and firepower help you to destroy the enemy before they know what’s going on. If protected from a rear attack, the Turtle Mk. I can succeed in keeping the enemy at bay and breaking their defences.

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WoT Supertest: The Tortoise MkI

15 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: The Tortoise MkI

  1. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    2 side evil plan.
    All on the receiving side will immediately load gold to deal with armor, as it happens currently with tree Tortoise – WG’ profit.
    Poor player on delivering side will constantly struggle against tiers X, where 245 mm of gold penetration won’t be much (not mentioning about 217 of ordinary shell), and higher tiers will constantly beat the shit our of the HP pinata, as 228 of vertical armor won’t mean much against their penetration.

    1. Robopon says:

      It’s not like you can lolpen Tortoise with gold every single time. Plus Tortoise got an actual weakspot so a lot of people are trying to hit that and don’t shoot gold at all.

      1. 0gungrave0 says:

        Tortoise also doesn’t have 90° vertical flat armor on either side of the gun that you can lolpen.

    1. NoComment says:

      For T8 it’s armour is fine imo, angling will work to a reasonable degree against big guns and there is no huge easy to hit weakspot sat on the top. 217 pen seems low though. 225-230 would be nice.

      1. Nameless says:

        If you give it 225-230 pen, you might aswell buff it further in all other aspects because, at this point, it’s better than the tech tree AT15.
        It is balanced as it is right now imho. Possibly add a weakspot of some sort so that it can’t sit there in front of you all day long without taking damage and you’ve got yourself one of the most balanced premium tanks that have been released recently.
        I’d even personally switch the AT15 with the Turtle, as the latter is more reminiscent of Tortoise’s armor a tier higher.

      2. NoComment says:

        @Nameless: If its the old (pre buff) tortoise armour then it still has weakspots the 228 was very much a maximum number.

        217mm pen on a T8 td is very poor, its more in the range of meh HT tank gun and pretty good med gun.

  2. Zonda says:

    I have a question. Will this tank replace the current regular tier 8 td in the Badger line or will it come as a premium?

    1. StevoMS says:

      Answer: Everyone who plays the british turret-less TD’s. I know the AT-15A exists but its only tier 7 with preferential MM and its not popular. People have been asking for something like this for years.

      1. Anonymous says:

        So people need a tank to train their crew that can be used in the Tortoise and the Badger? Seems kinda pointless tbh (and the premium spam is just ridiculous, at least it’s not a russian tank this time).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just what the game needs, another premium tank, and one that follows the trend of forcing people to spam full premium ammo. Keep up the good work Wargaming. You are a fantastic developer and everyone loves your game.

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