“WoT Supertest”Reinventing Province

Videos of two new versions of the removed tiny Province map and a pic of the original map just for nostalgia’s sake.


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“WoT Supertest”Reinventing Province

11 thoughts on ““WoT Supertest”Reinventing Province

  1. Mexican says:

    Something about the general looks and height variance of the 2 maps makes it look amazing and grand. Map design wise looks like another one of those corridor maps we all enjoy, with arty having a field day dunking tanks while having places to drown or in this case, jump off cliffs, and the middle of the map is like completely useless and if anyone tries to make a move through there, camping TDs are just gonna delete them and if that guy survives, is completely locked down behind buildings so I guess there’ll be a campfest. But still, it looks nice

    1. jerryatrick53 says:

      The original was only 600m x 600m and a real camp fest as even tier1 could shoot most of the map. When wot came out it was available to all tiers but then got limited like Mittengard to low tiers.It was very pretty though.

    2. heinz says:

      Everyone complaining about 1. Too much corridors and not enough open space and 2. About arty. I mean seriously? And on this map arty will not be too powerful because there are hundreds of buildings, big highth variances and still low distances making it difficult. Hell there is even a tunnel and people still complain?! Art can’t even deal damage anymore…

  2. Erling says:

    Seems nice. From a looks perspective I like the first one better, got more feel to it, but I guess the second one might play better.

  3. Richard Pike says:

    So many places that the roads don’t go to or they disconnect in route. Can you get to the east side by crossing the river? Because there is apparently no way to get to the bridge. And has already been mentioned; the middle of the town is 40 meters below sea level – really? The big tunnel/shooting gallery complex at the one end doesn’t even make any sense in it’s current configuration. Why is it there? What purpose would it serve in real life? This map might be fun to play, but it seems very disconnected from reality.

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