WoT: The Double-Barreled Vehicle Is Entering the Supertest

You have surely heard of monday’s article about double-barreled vehicles we plan on adding to World of Tanks soon? You’ve heard it right: today, we’re testing a dummy tank with two guns.


We are especially interested in the gameplay concept, not so much in the dummy vehicle itself. None of this vehicle’s characteristics should be taken seriously. It will give all of you (and us) an insight into what a double-barreled tank could look and play like in World of Tanks.

So, let’s break the ice and take a look at the first-ever vehicle with two guns as well as its stats.

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WoT: The Double-Barreled Vehicle Is Entering the Supertest

8 thoughts on “WoT: The Double-Barreled Vehicle Is Entering the Supertest

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow… now we have moved from prototype tanks only found on paper, now to whatever pleases the imagi action? WoTs you really have lost your way! What makes this game unique is the historical value, not another online e arcade game!

    1. Anonymous says:

      You can only have one.

      Frankly WG would’ve been better off to have WoT be tank flavored Legos,would’ve saved everyone involved so much aggravation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    how about next time soon, twin turrets with 2 guns each on a Tank giving 4 barrels
    you know like a battleship >> but on land

    lol o lol!
    whatever next from Wargame

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