WoT: The Evolution of Graphics.

A short comparative video from current to HD. Enjoy.

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WoT: The Evolution of Graphics.

11 thoughts on “WoT: The Evolution of Graphics.

  1. New players: Wow… pretty sweet eye-candy!

    Regulars: Ok, some bushes here and there, that rock over there will provide some cover for hull, rough hill sides will hinder peeking, thicker forest for Stervs and Scorps, gotta look out for that bush over there as there could be scouts and… what…?

    Oh… yea, yea… looks cool, yea.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Just appreciate the effort that wg put into this part of the game… its not often that they do something as awesome and as big as this.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Lets just hope this high def maps doesnt create lag issues, and that computers without the latest gaming video cards can benefit from it.

      2. Stop jumping to conclusions, you scrub, and take a joke. I know it’s the interwebs and that majority of people here are dense towards jokes, but come on. I never stated that I don’t appreciate their efforts.

        In fact I fully and financially support their accomplishments in this regard because, unlike whiners, I’m aware that this is a completely separate department that works purely on maps. And (being a modeller myself) their work is truly incredible.

    2. My reaction was. “Damn they’re so pretty! Now which part of the map did they change? Oh Murovanka now has Thicc forest again. Damn they’re so pretty! They changed Steppes’ east flank to have bushkemp ridge. New penetration markers! Oh the brawling ridge in El Halluf will have better arty cover. Damn they’re so-“

  2. Morganator says:

    Looks awesome but its not what the game and we need. More Mpas, more diverse maps and not that cheap ass 3 corridors like Lol Maps

    1. Anonymous says:

      We do need more maps. I do not understand why the older maps that were removed from the game, but liked by many, cannot be reintroduced into the game. It would make the player experience much better.

    2. Seth H says:

      Not just more maps and more diverse one, but more appropriately sized maps. It boggles the mind that WG would allow tanks that have 400+ view range to play on maps like mines. Start to leave spawn…. spotted. No tank should be able to have a view range (with equipment/perks/etc) that covers more than 1/4 of the map.

      Now considering what they have done with the HD maps, all the detail and features beyond the boundaries, could allow them to offer different versions (or sizes) of the maps based on what tier the match is. Tier 8-10 could have XL maps, 5-7 could have large, etc.

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