WoT: The Zombie Survival Guide

Coming Soon

A teaser from Wargaming EU.

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WoT: The Zombie Survival Guide

7 thoughts on “WoT: The Zombie Survival Guide

  1. CardinalMite says:

    Literally they are just taking the piss now with the Chieftain…. they stick the model in special event garages and feature it in promo videos, they have 2 tanks in the game 1 with just the turret and one with just the hull… They have other tanks in the game of a similar manufacture date, they have it on the Chinese server already and on the console WOT but they wont bring it to WOT PC until they can give it a mini branch… which they could do with tanks already in the tree or any one of the several prototype and development vehicles that they have had time to model and balance in just the time since they added it to the Chinese server. Seriously WG you are just pissing people off now and turning them off the game.

    1. DIADTEC says:

      who cares about the chieftain? You know very well if WG adds it to pc version they are going to put some stupid catch on it like, making it a tier x cw reward (so no regular ppl will have it), making it massive op/up (people get pissed with the intro), or even more hilariously make it the new reward for “refer a freind” program.
      Seriously, stop asking for the stupid tank. It will not come out the way you want it to and you know it.

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