WoT: Update 1.6.1: Common Test 4


The fourth Common Test for Update 1.6.1 is available now, which means you can storm into battle right away to check out all the new update features and improvements! There’s plenty to look out for: Multinational Vehicles, New Styles, Ranked Battles tweaks, and more!

List of Changes CT4

Fixed Issues

  1. Trade-In (available starting Tuesday, October 1, 2019)

Premium tanks for Bonds

• M60 – 15.000 💵bonds
• 121B – 15.000 💵bonds
• T26E5 Patriot – 8.000 💵bonds
• AMX M4 49 Liberté – 8.000 💵bonds
• T-34E – 1500 💵bonds
• M10 RBFM – 1500 💵bonds

Items for bonds

New Trade-In functionalities:
• preview of the vehicle price change depending on the selected exchange options
• a separate page with specific vehicles covered by the program


M60 Garage for bonds.jpg



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WoT: Update 1.6.1: Common Test 4

23 thoughts on “WoT: Update 1.6.1: Common Test 4

  1. heinz says:

    Right from the start i saved all bonds I earned to by a tank some time. Now this option is added and I really want this m60 but i only have ~10k bonds…. NOOOOOOO

  2. ChrisTheViking says:

    I really like the concept of tanks for bonds! Just hope they will add the previously researchable ones too, like FV 183 and Foch.
    Just regretting buying those imp. eq. now though…

      1. Fredrik Ahlberg says:

        I’d say that earning 15k bonds is doing something right… I do agree with you that they would ruin the special vehicles.

  3. Voldemort says:

    I dont agree with giving people a tank(s) like m60 and 121b to players who didnt earn it thru CW now everyone and their mother is gonna be playing these tanks strongly unhappy about this

    1. Tachenk0 says:

      Not everyone has time to sit all nights playing CW and be lucky enough to recieve one. I got my VK K long time ago, when I was still a student. Since I started working, I left CW scene and just dont have time to play them again.

      So I like that some of those reward tanks will be for purchase

    2. ChrisTheViking says:

      It’s not that they’re “giving” people anything. Have you got any idea how long it will take the average player to grind 15k bonds?! I think they deserve the tanks if they invest that kind of time in the game.
      Plus there’s hardly anyone playing the 60 or 121B anyway. Elitism in games is not good for the community imo.

    3. Sturmi0545 says:

      can’t see punctuation through my clanki tears :,((((((

      lets repair your mess:
      “I don’t. agree with giving people a tank(s) like m60 and 121b to players. who didn’t earn it thru CW now? everyone and their mother is gonna be playing these tanks strongly! unhappy about this?”

      1. Thatoneguy says:

        Mmmm only you fudged up your corrections for him also this isn’t a grammar nazi area of the internet go elsewhere wit dat shiz

      2. Sturmi0545 says:


        I just don’t think that “special tanks” should be limited to just one group of people contributing to the game. There should always be multiple options to get stuff, e.g.
        – invest a significant amount of money in the early stage of the game and get it cheap or for free (as it was with the mutant, though WG shouldn’t have tied it to their insta-lie-promise),
        – play and support the game for a long period of time, get the chance to buy stuff at a normal price,
        – join a CW clan, accept the intense time investment for a few days/weeks,
        – endure a grindy marathon.

        getting carried to a reward by your clan thanks to CW cartels and clan collusion shouldn’t be the only option, hence the joy when I see some yuppiekid cry about his tank “losing its exclusivity status”.

  4. Seth H says:

    I think that offering CW tanks in the bond shop will hurt CW participation going forward. Why bother participating when the tanks can be bought via the shop? I know a lot of players that only do CW to get the tanks, they don’t care about the special camo, gold, etc and don’t do CW that don’t offer a tank.

    I think the best idea would be to offer tanks that have the special “camo” like the Patriot, Defender, Liberte, etc. They could offer the FV215b, 183, Foch 155, and the T22 Med. They could also offer the “challenge”/marathon tanks, like the SU 130PM, TS5, Progetto, Caern ActionX, etc.

    1. Anonymous says:

      so what? you have to play forever to get your 15.000 bonds. for someone that can`t play hour after hour, it is almost impossible to get more than 1 of these tanks. and btw, nobody is playing this 2 tanks anymore, because they are powercreeped to death. they arent even worth the bonds.

      1. Seth H says:

        1) It doesn’t matter that “nobody is playing this 2 tanks anymore” for whatever reason, they were earned through participation in a still active mode in WOT.
        2) Have you forgotten that you can earn bonds playing FL and bonds? Just because it takes a long time to earn the bonds needed still doesn’t make a difference.
        3) If they add these 2 tanks to the bond shop, it sets a bad precedent that any (or all) of the other CW reward tanks could become available in the shop. THAT is what I am talking about when I say that this could hurt CW going forward.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The only Tank i would buy from Bond Shop would be the vk72.01k i dont play cw because i dont have Time for it and i dont like playing only Meta tanks and Gold Spam. But i earned my 11k bonds over the years and i saved them to have a small chance of getting that Tank. Maybe Mini Maus would be an Option too. Iam just a german Tank fanboy gotta catch‘em all ^^

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