WoT: Update Review: Update 1.5

EU has yet to catch up so here it is from NA.

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WoT: Update Review: Update 1.5

6 thoughts on “WoT: Update Review: Update 1.5

  1. echo9835 says:

    Wargaming added exclusive missons for premium players that allows them to eafn bonds. They lied when bonds first went in the game and they stated that bonds would not be for sale for money. Its now 250 gold for 25 bonds. I’m so sick of WG lying through thier teeth about stuff. I’m out. Never coming back.

  2. WG lies about everything. They removed the T-50-2 a few years ago and took it from everyone saying it was too fast for the game. Now it’s in the Prem shop and wheelies with them even faster. Tanks are nerf to slower aim time so you can’t kill most of them unless they drive straight line. They said Sub never in WoW but they they were, the best thing that fits WGing is “If their mouth is open, they lying”.

  3. Tachenk0 says:

    Yeah, just add another thing to the Swedish tech tree. Ignore the Czechoslovakian one even more! Its not like they can have a FULL tree for TDs, SPA and Lights up to tier VIII.

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