WoT- WZ111 5A Supertest Stats

Curiously, in the midst of the Chinese TD stats slowly coming out, a new Tier X has made an appearance in testing. Whether this will be a reward tank or alternative tech tree tank remains unknown, and these are just preliminary stats at the moment:


Tier: 10

Hit Points: 2200

Hull Armor: 140/120/60 mm

Turret Armor: 300/180/60 mm

Turret Traverse: 26 deg./sec.

Hull Traverse: 36 deg./sec.

View Range: 400m

Max. Speed: +50/-15 kph

Penetration: 244/340/65 m

Damage: 490/490/640

Accuracy: 0.39

Aim Time: 3.2 sec.

Reload: 9.9 sec.



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