WoT- WZ111 5A Supertest Stats

Curiously, in the midst of the Chinese TD stats slowly coming out, a new Tier X has made an appearance in testing. Whether this will be a reward tank or alternative tech tree tank remains unknown, and these are just preliminary stats at the moment:


Tier: 10

Hit Points: 2200

Hull Armor: 140/120/60 mm

Turret Armor: 300/180/60 mm

Turret Traverse: 26 deg./sec.

Hull Traverse: 36 deg./sec.

View Range: 400m

Max. Speed: +50/-15 kph

Penetration: 244/340/65 m

Damage: 490/490/640

Accuracy: 0.39

Aim Time: 3.2 sec.

Reload: 9.9 sec.



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WoT- WZ111 5A Supertest Stats

38 thoughts on “WoT- WZ111 5A Supertest Stats

  1. DoctorBest says:

    I wouldn’t mind an alternative to the 113, something more resembling the tier 9. The turret looks pretty good, let us hope it has more than 3 degrees of gun depression^^

  2. Heinz says:

    ~2,970 base DPM at the moment. they will nerf this right? please? its actually slowly becoming world of heavy tanks

    1. Akina90 says:

      It has low HP, mediocre accuracy and weak LFP for sure….It won’t be OP. And t10 is still dominated by MT so…..

      In the 8.2 CT there were too many people get buthurt with this tank so WG brought out the prebuff 113 which is just a longer 121 and was boring to play….I guess you want to see it happen again

      1. Anonymous says:

        Not saying it will be OP. But I cannot wait to reverse sidescrape with it. Hopefully turret is decent enough.

    2. Heinz says:

      2.970 base DPM on WZ111 5A is really strong compared to the T110E5s 2,936 DPM WITH gun rammer AND ventilation AND brothers in arms. WZ has more effective amor i suppose (can sidescrape, E5 cant) and is faster than E5. like all of these russian + chinese heavys weakness is aimtime and accuracy which both dont really matter in close quarters combat.

      1. Akina90 says:

        the low profile of WZ-111 / 113 makes other taller tanks neglects the effective armor on the UFP, plus the fuel tanks/crew/ammo rack is placed on the front…. I would say E5 is easier to learn while the 5A is a better choice for v.experienced players.

        And I can see WG is gonna nerf it…so let see how it ends up(or fucks up by WG)

    1. Akina90 says:

      Those CWankers did’t want to have a tank better than E5 or IS-7….and it’s Chinese, everyone in the past hate the line for some reason

      1. 155royalty says:

        Maybe because it had useless gun depression prior to its buff. There are more 113s in CW then is7s atm. Do you even CW breh?

  3. Noidea says:

    So how many Chinese server members read this blog?…. yea i thought like “0” so why all the hype for TDs that are only for the Chinese server?

  4. SirNopp says:

    If I actually remember correctly, when the original Chinese Tech Tree was coming out, this was the supposed Tier 10 heavy and not the 113 as during testing this tank was seen as a better IS-7 and many players didn’t like the idea that this tank existed in game so the WG took it out and put in the 113, which is why the line feels broken when you have a fat heavy, the WZ-111-14 with a fat gun, leading into the medium/heavy 113 with a 122 gun.

  5. StevoMS says:

    If this gets its own line or just branches from 111 -14 i’m keen if just a CW reward tank gonna be so depressed, not a big fan of the 113 and its tier 8 armour right now.

  6. Kindabruh says:

    This is the top Chinese HT I was looking for. The WZ 111-1-4, which is almost a tier 9 IS-7(1-4’s hull armor sucks lol), leads to a shitty, crappy 113? There is no logic in that! The way I see it, it is perfect as it is now. No buffs or nerfs needed. That accuracy and aim time balances the DPM out. And a touch of bad gun depression should be enough to keep it feom being op.

  7. Kindabruh says:

    Plus, whatever u are, plz dont be a clan wars reward tank or an alternative tier X. Plz. I beg u. Plz replace the 113!!!! Plz!

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