WoT’s 2016 March Wallpaper


this is the WoT’s Wallpaper for March, 2016:


With Calendar Without Calendar

At least this time they didn’t got the days of the month wrong. 😀

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WoT’s 2016 March Wallpaper

15 thoughts on “WoT’s 2016 March Wallpaper

    1. Exactly, they took basically everything away from the Foch; speed, alpha damage, view range, camo bonuses, not sure if they nerfed the armor too… Once it was my favourite, now it’s really poopish, just like the Object 268…

      1. Yeah, the took away some armor too, not to mention 200 hp from its engine…. They took an unique style TD, and transformed it into a below average camping shit… Because it was too OP, according to the same baddies, that complain about anything they can’t counter at… Same patch, smart developers decided to add………………………… yes! You guessed! WT E100! Able to kill any tank except Maus with 1 clip! Because… You know… Logic?

    2. Anonymous says:

      It’s an absolute crime what WG did this tank. This tank can’t do anything right. They completely broke this tank to hell and back. Victor CEO should be ashamed of himself for allowing this to happen. Damn you Wargaming.

  1. Thomas says:

    They actually ALSO nerfed the armour of the rangefinder so yes they basically nerfed everything but the amount of shells in the clip…

  2. Patata Caliente says:

    They have long since admitted that the Foch has been overnerfed, but from the looks of it they can’t be bothered to correct the mistake. Makes you wonder what these people in the game design department are being paid for. The absurd (and apparently unintentional?!) buff of the E5 is another prime example of incompetence at work.

    1. Asghaad says:

      you mean like they are nerfing it even more this update (or was it last one ? ) with making teh rangefinder even BIGGER weakspot ? xD

  3. finally saw that tank on my screen. i think i’m the only one who plays with it these days 🙂 seriously i did see that for months. 2 days ago saw an Ac.Mle 48 but that’s all.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The CEO of Wargaming should be ashamed of this FOCH 155. They turned this tank into a ton of junk on tracks. It as a crime what they did to this device. Just Awful. If your not going to do something right then why even bother? They destroyed this tank.

  5. Anonymous says:

    the foch… ahhh my pride and joy once upon a time i specialized in this tank… yes spent most of my battles mastering every angle every shot every maneuver… then they did that unspeakable thing to that tank. my favorite tank destroyed by WG buffoonery…. then i fell involve with the 183 and ohh no NERF… then they decided to nerf all the med tank accuracy… rendering my next fav tank the STB1 basically useless and severely hurting the obj 140s effectiveness… then what happened to the E5 basically every tank i own isn’t in the condition it once was and then i quit… done i have been WOT free for a year.. of course i still follow the game because i have false hope WG will return it to its glory.. in the mean time i am hoping that AW gets their player numbers up so i can get into battles at the high tiers… sigh WG why you do this

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