WoT’s Invite and Existing Account Giveaway Winners


remember the codes I made a giveaway for my birthday to you? Well, it’s been taking me a bit longer than expected than get it all done. They are around 100 physical codes and been spending my free time scrapping them, writing on the PC each code and make a list of the winner’s email it belongs to and going as far as writing the winner’s email behind each card because something always goes wrong with these type of giveaways and I want to make sure that if for some reason the code doesn’t work I can get it smoothly fixed for you.

Anyway, instead of delaying it a bit further, today I sent emails to all the winners of the World of Tanks codes for existing and new accounts and I also organised here all your first names and surname initials, if you applied and your name resembles any of that, please check your email.

Tomorrow I will start sending emails to the WoWS and WoT console winners.

Thank you, everyone, for your continuous support. <3


WoT Invite Code winners:

  1. Kristijan K.
  2. Milan B.
  3. Vincent K.
  4. Eugene V.
  5. Gaël J.
  6. mohsen GG.
  7. Lauris L.
  8. alvaro D.
  9. Arkadiusz N.
  10. Raphifty R.


WoT Code Giveaway winners:

  1. V. V.
  2. Dejan M.
  3. Björn B.
  4. nukular F.
  5. Ruben K.
  6. Filip M.
  7. Lucas A.
  8. Alexander C.
  9. Stefan Cristian N.
  10. Michael B.
  11. Igen N.
  12. Borys H.
  13. Vlasta A.
  14. appel S.
  15. Stefan Z.
  16. Henry S.
  17. Tatu K.
  18. edge B.
  19. naiv


Congratz guys. 🙂

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