New Balance: List of Tanks that will be withdrawn/transferred to promotional + Tech Tree Changes

To simplify the research branches, we had to relocate 92 vehicles from the Tech Trees.

Tanks from Tiers I–V will be added to the separate “Collection vehicles” tab in the in-game shop. These tanks will not be removed from the game, but simply be relocated to the new tab and divided by nation. You can reach it in two ways: from the in-game shop or from the research tree. To get access to collectible vehicles of a specific nation, you need to research at least one of its Tier VI tanks.

The following are Screen shots of the Revised Tech trees by nation. The second pic highlighting the ” special” vehicals.

Total altered tanks: 111 pcs.
Total steel collection: 78 pcs.
Total became stock (thier status was changed): 14 pcs. – this is all you need to redeem
Changed in tier: 12 pcs.
Changed type: 5 pcs.
New tanks: 3 pcs.
From the TOPs, they derive: 🌍Т-62А, 🇫🇷AMX 30 B and вывод113.
And also separately mention the tier IX: .:AMX 30 1er prototype.

By the way, it’s funny that T54E1 transferred the class from CT to TT

And now, what exactly needs to be redeemed for your main account (14 vehicals)

СУ-14-1 (The changes are not yet decided)

VK 30.01 (D)
Jagdpanther II

M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo
T71 DA

AMX 30 1er prototype
AMX 30 B

🇬🇧Great Britain
Churchill Gun Carrier
Sherman Firefly


Having bought these tanks you will not lose a single tank from the game!

The release of the WOT Balance 3.0 is scheduled for late spring 2020 (if everything is OK). But they won’t even ask you, hello patch 9.18

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Great Britain







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New Balance: List of Tanks that will be withdrawn/transferred to promotional + Tech Tree Changes

21 thoughts on “New Balance: List of Tanks that will be withdrawn/transferred to promotional + Tech Tree Changes

      1. Anonymous says:

        Not about not having it.. Screwed it up by getting rid of the good turret. No reason having it if its just another E8, Thunderbolt, etc.

  1. anduq says:

    Sure, let’s dump the T-62a, Amx30, Su-14-1, etc (real units) and keep the E50M (a totaly made up one). GG WG! All that Vodka really did a number on you!

  2. nrnstraswa says:

    Yep, removing iconic tanks like Hetzer, and M3 Lee/Grant just to simplify the tech trees. Bad move WG.
    Only bright spot I can see is now the T69 can be accessed from the T20, and not being forced to play lights to get it. I see the Crusader is back to being a light but at tier 6 now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now if only they could remove the ridiculous ability for tank cannons to hit cupolas reliably from any distance aside from point blank lol..

  4. Kyou says:

    Leave. The. Fucking. Tech. Trees. Alone. Everything you touch ends up ruined. Rubicon first in my mind, then MM, then stupid Russian OP ass tanks, arty stunning. Wheeled tanks.

    At least you sort of fixed MM. Now fix arty, buff the damn Germans, and for god sake. Just leave the tech tree alone. You will end up pissing so many people off. Idiots.

  5. Garry Phillips (Guido_1953) says:

    Has anything been said about any of the tanks being removed, what will happen, if have have researched them and at this point not purchased them???. I have a couple that, I, bypassed to get to others and was going to purchase, when i have sufficient funds, the main one being the Russian T62A. Thank you for this information.

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