Wowp 2.0.2 Skies of Albion event

Hello everyone, this is taken directly from the Wowp portal and explains the new event in more detail.


The island of Great Britain has undergone invasion and occupations from armies and empires throughout its storied history, from the Romans when it became Britannia, to the French in 1066 following the Battle of Hastings. Testament to the land’s endurance and persistence, the oldest name for Great Britain is Albion, meaning ‘upper world’, a stark contrast to the underworld. Albion has become a battleground once again, but the threat doesn’t come from the land or the sea…

Introducing a New In-Game Event: Skies of Albion

The time has come to defend or seize the Skies of Albion, and secure air supremacy for the faction with which your allegiance lies! Taking control of either Allied or Axis forces, players will be able to fight for dominance of Great Britain’s airspace to win prizes every day, from Gold and Premium Account time to a series of brand new warplanes.

new Skies of Albion themed Hangar, introduced in the latest update, will greet pilots as they start the game, and it will have two states: peacetime and wartime. When a player logs in, the hangar will be in the peacetime state, with a countdown to wartime appearing in the hangar, leading to a confrontation between factions after the player aligns with either the Allies or Axis.

When you play standard battles (Tier IV minimum), every victory accomplished will add to a counter for your faction. At the end of confrontations, players on both sides will receive loot boxes, though the winning team will be rewarded with bigger prizes. These loot crates can also be purchased during the event, though everything can be earned through battle prowess and a hearty dose of valour!



Participate in confrontations and rack up the victories to win loot boxes packed with fantastic prizes, including:

  • Special Missions – complete these to earn new warplanes!
  • Gold
  • Tokens
  • Premium Account time
  • Free XP
  • Pilots with 3 skill points
  • Premium consumables 
  • Camouflage
  • New Year Emblems
  • Consumables
  • Equipment
  • Credits
  • Hangar Slots
  • Bunks

Win New Warplanes!

Complete Special Missions earned throughout the Skies of Albion event to earn brand new warplanes, including a new branch of British Multirole Fighters, and a new branch of German Bombers:

  • Dornier Do 17 Z – Tier IV German Bomber
  • Junkers Ju 88 A – Tier V German Bomber
  • Dornier Do 217 M – Tier VI German Bomber
  • Hawker Hurricane I – Tier IV Multirole Fighter
  • Hawker Hurricane II – Tier V Multirole Fighter
  • Hawker Tornado – Tier VI Multirole Fighter


The following aircraft can also be obtained through loot box spoils throughout the Skies of Albion event:

Take To The Skies of Albion!

Albion needs you! Get airborne now to protect or defend this ancient realm, and claim the coveted spoils that lie within the shimmering isle. If you haven’t yet jumped into the World of Warplanes, click here to download the Game Center, and follow these instructions to sign up and kickstart your career as an ace pilot.

Get Airborne!


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Wowp 2.0.2 Skies of Albion event

8 thoughts on “Wowp 2.0.2 Skies of Albion event

  1. LordofDiscord says:

    Only thing was the Brit Mustang was supposed to be removed from a purchasable in tech tree premium and its still there. Was bit pissed as I bought it before it disapeared and its still there!
    Albion event is pretty good ..Got the tier IV and VI German bombers and a US Tier premium IV fighter as well as a few days premium and then got mission for Japanese premiumJ8m tier VIII fighter..just used some accrued tokens from daily missions.
    4 free planes happy days

    1. Mizutayio says:

      the “new” Mustang I in the tech tree is the Mustang IA, instead of 4 .50 cals and 4 5x 7.62mm guns on the I, the IA gets 4x 20mm guns

  2. LordofDiscord says:

    Only really thing this game needs is players..I mean seriously I have been playing for a month and have around 1200 games yet show high in rankings?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well events like this that are only open for a couple of hours during the day may deter some new players… Not everyone can play at that exact time… It would have been better to have it all day and just limit how many boxes are given out or something. Time limits only alienate players who are not hardcore gamers and such…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am enjoying the event, however, you state: “winning team will be rewarded with bigger prizes,” which is simply NOT true. My friend was on the Axis side and got way better prizes (including a bomber) with 2 boxes, vs my Allies side, who won, and got 4 boxes.

    Also, the new patch is very buggy in the sense that it kicked me off the server 4 times yesterday. This never happened before the patch. Makes it feel like I am playing World of Tanks, which after 29k battles, which I have gave up, since they do NOT care about, or listen to, the NA server players.

  4. So, how exactly to win as many loot create points as possible? Does it even matter if you win the battle? It seems it might be good idea just to gather some points, then go full team suicide to end battle asap, get few loot points, then get into other battle to do that again. This way u participate in more battles, which results in more crate points?

    Could someone elaborate more on how this scoring actually works?

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