Wowp 2.0 another sneak peak

It’s not a lot but it certainly is something neat. Based on this video the HP seem to get restored during flight. Wether that is a skill, some equipment, or just a stock mechanic is known.

On another note: There are rumors that 2.0 will be released at the end of May.

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Wowp 2.0 another sneak peak

23 thoughts on “Wowp 2.0 another sneak peak

      1. Folgore says:

        the fw 57 is a bit of a flying battleship it has twin 20mm forward firing cannon and a rear 20mm
        cannon , carries 6 bombs and massive hp pool.

        if you fly it to its strengths , i e very high altitude , only a few planes can touch you.
        i fly mine like a dive bomber .
        zoom down from high , shoot up some fighter drop bombs pull up use boost and climb , rinse and repeat.

  1. cuminyomouthvegan says:

    Maybe someone more knowledgeable can tell me:

    – Do WoWp collision models fly/move serverside like in WoT (BigWorld)?
    – Is hit detection of machine guns as accurate as single shots in WoT?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well i don’t know about the first one, but the guns detection is pretty good, if the enemy flies in a straight line you can easily hit the enemy if you follow the aim circle.
      The guns do kinda shoot in a cone area but they are all pretty accurate.
      2.0 could be different from what it looks like, we’ve got to wait for the patch to go up.

      1. cuminyomouthvegan says:

        I guess, we’re all used to some RNG.. Anything better than War Thunder hit detection is welcome. Thank you for your answer, I’ll give it a try.

  2. RwN says:

    Looking forward to this update, hope it does favourable to the game.
    Actually I switched from WoT to WoWp in February and haven´t played WoT since then… The game is really much better than in open beta when I played last time…(even in current 1.9.9.x stage)

    1. Anonymous says:

      Unlike WoT there are no fantasy planes in wowp ( well maybe aside from the J7W3) all of the others existed in one way or another. There’s everything from either built planes all the way to blueprint only projects

  3. Robert says:

    WoWp looks good, is now good playable and additionally gives a lot of benefits if you play WoT as well (both share free XP, Gold and premium account PLUS WoWp shop offers generally have a much better gold-per-Euro rate).

    However, self healing … hmmm … don’t know what to think about it …

  4. Horcan says:

    It all depends of perspective, me as a casual player can say its not playable at all in current form.
    -Matchmaker is seriously screwed, it allows flight vs no flight, and the most you see is a flight of 2 veterans using heavy fighters raping noobs.
    -most planes in a battle are bots , of different skill levels , without a visible evaluation of how are they distributed.
    This two leads to most game ending in one team barely doing any damage.
    -game is broken in two , half takes part at 2-3k m altitude between HF and some fighters, the other half takes place at 250 m altitude where attack aircraft and the noobs that chase them are. No team coordination, escorts and whatever teamplay you may think its possible occur because nobody gives a shit except for self gains .
    Only good thing and the only reason i still play it ocasionally are the tokens ( you can buy free premium time that you can use in wot and wows ) and shared free xp ( there are some nice aniversary missions that gives 2-6k amounts) and if you have many planes there is quite a good amount that you can win easily.
    Dead times are too long ( from when you hit battle , until you get a game and actaully meet anyone ) , compared to how fast you die. 3-4 games on the wrong side and it just lead to frustration and absolutely no interest in continuing to play this game.

    1. Most of the issues you’re talking about is linked to the small amount of players. So saying that there isn’t much of a reason to play this game is kinda counterproductive.
      I do agree though, heavy fighter flights tear your team up like nothing, but this can be said for any reasonable flight, it doesn’t have to be by veterans. It’s like in WoT where the unicums have a field day with noobs and bots. The only problem in Wowp is that a majority of enemies are bots on the plus side, it gives you somethign to shoot at, on the negative side, they’re pretty much target practice for good players.
      If a lot more people would play wowp, there would be shorter quetimes as well as more balanced games as there would be more flights and people who have more situational awareness than the bots.
      Not saying the bots are bad. From my experience, the bots are some of the best i’ve seen in any game.

      Also Free exp for days. with the x5 event, getting 20k games isn’t a rarity.

      1. RWN says:

        Actually I don’t see bots as a problem too.. Biggest issue for me are padders flights when there are few other humans (if there are more we concentrate on padders first 😉

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