Wowp 2.0 Leakers opinion

Hello everyone, we have gotten a nice article concerning Wowp 2.0 sent to us via E-Mail.

The player who has been leaking WoWp 2.0 footage and other information has decided to share his experience with us today:

Greetings everyone,

As you maybe can guess: I have participated in the Wowp 2.0 testing and leaked one or the other thing. Normally i wouldn’t dream of leaking something but i wanted to make an exception for this game as my biggest fear is that the WoWp veterans could get WG to drop the whole patch as they don’t like the changes at all. They can’t see the main problem which is: If nobody wants these changes and the game would stay as it is now, nobody would pick it up and the player numbers would stay similar atm and on the worst case would start dropping since Studia Persha does not get enough money for development to put out a decently sized patch every 2 months.

In the long run, such a game wouldn’t be able to survive as it is under life support by WG. This patch it the last chance this game gets.

And now that the second testing phase is over right now i want to address the changes and plans to the live version of WoWp and WoWp 2.0.


Conquest gamemode:

It is a fun gamemode which is a huge improvement over the current one since it it much clearer how to gain points for the ticket counter. The ability to respawn is a nice addition and really allows you to be more aggressive if it just means to capture a base.

The different effects for different objectives is also really interesting.

For one you have the Airfields which either heal you when you fly within their range or they shorten your respawn time allowing you to be back in the fight much sooner.

The factory does give your team a massive amount of points every 1.5 minutes ( guessed).

military bases or missile bases launch an attack at a neutral or enemy base with either bombers or missiles. The addition of AI planes defending the Bases pretty much forces you to attack a base in a group as a solo attack will likely result in destruction.

Old Version: In the old version your main goal is it to just kill ground targets, while heavily armored ground give a good amount of points, they do require bombs or rockets to kill effectively, which is a problem since bombs and rockets don’t get resupplied in the current version. It’s also a problem when the allied team only has 2 fighters left and the enemy team have 2-3 attack aircraft, it’s impossible to win for the side with the fighters as the ground attack aircraft have so much HP and can continue to kill ground targets and thus earn points for their team that you either lose since the OP rear gunners killed your fighters or the GAs have caused air supremacy.



While low caliber guns 7-13 mm guns stayed the same, medium 15-23mm guns had a slight improvement while all major caliber guns had a complete overhaul in their sounds. They sound more “punchy” and are without a doubt a real improvement over the current game.

Engine sounds are all completely changed and really sound like an aircraft engine should sound like.

What i would improve is to change the low and mid caliber guns as well to have the same punchy effect as the high caliber guns.



The new and improved effects does a lot for the game. It looks pretty enough for it to work for the time being, WG should work on a Graphics overhaul eventually to add more details and polygons to the models. It is not an urgent matter to fix though.


As they don’t exist in the current game it’s hard to compare them, but they seem like a nice class for the people who like to play with planes but don’t really like the fast pace nature of fighters and heavy fighters. They’re also a good alternative to Ground attack aircraft but they are much more vulnerable to heavy fighters as they like to roam on these altitudes.

I myself really liked these planes and the high altitude bomber mode seems much more comfortable than WT’s bombing sight. The novelty of Wowps bombing sight is the fact that your mouse basically becomes the throttle when in the bombing mode allowing you to boost if you aim forwards in the bomb sight and you slow down when the mouse is all the way back. Of course, moving left and right steers the plane.


Overall: It feels like a new game, the new gamemode is fun and engaging where you can be a bit more aggressive since you can respawn. The balance between real players and AI is good enough that you can dominate the AI defending the neutral or enemy base ( or on the enemy team if there are not enough players in the queue) and still giving you a challenge in the form of real players.

The new sounds are not bad either, could use some improvements though.

Graphics and graphical effects are certainly an improvement over the old game but, same with the sounds, could use improvement.

The new bomber class is a nice addition for those that don’t necessarily like fighters or heavy fighters.

I myself had a blast playing even under testing conditions ( almost no players online, small teams and a lot of AI.

If WG continues this way i can certainly see Wowp becoming a success.

What do you guys think? Do you think that these changes will make World of Warplanes a win or a fail.


We thank the leaker for his trust towards us and we hope that this will be the start of a new Era for World of Warplanes.

Also on a different note: would you guys enjoy some more Wowp coverage in the future, such as Tech tree proposals by Blockhaj and me or information in general. Let us know in the comments.

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Wowp 2.0 Leakers opinion

28 thoughts on “Wowp 2.0 Leakers opinion

  1. Lafie says:

    Interesting. But I am not ready to call it a top just yet.

    Going to be keeping a close eye on it after it goes live though, probably going to play some games myself too to form a opinion of it of my own. 😀

  2. Chipmunk of Vengeance says:

    Might play the WoWP again once this patch comes out, but until I get to play it first hand I won’t put my opinion down as to whether it is a “Top” or “Flop”, but what you have shown at the moment seems to be very promising.

  3. phdrvrba says:

    Frankly I’m just not sure if the WoT-like healthpoint system is a good fit for planes… But I’ll give the 2.0 a try.

  4. Aquila says:

    I’ve recently downloaded WoWp again (I was a beta tester but uninstalled during beta test) and I like it. It’s not as great as WoT or WoWs, but it can still be fun for those who like planes like me. Only one bad thing happened – during buying new planes I accidentally bought hangar slot for 300 gold, I just forgot to untick that option. TWICE. So lost 600 gold for something I wasn’t going to buy right now. But I think I’ll definately leave WoWp on my HDD and play it from time to time.

  5. Captain Potato. says:

    I though beside a very crap graphic a engine had problem mostly with VERY bad optimalisation. Is opt better?

  6. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    A bullshit brownnosing article to justify introduction of that retarded game instead of WoWP.

    Author has his head too deep in WG’s ass and is too retarded to understand, that this change won’t do anything good, and will be just another nail in WoWP coffin, driving another bunch of players out, and not bringing anyone more in than now.
    Because if somebody wants to play WT, will play WT instead of playing a mediocre rip-off.

    Comparing to current WoWP, new version gameplay is dumbed down to the level that it’s worthless to play – combined radar and minimap give much less info than currently separate ones, lack of target view removes another portion of data, and reduced target markers do the rest.
    Controls are also “simplified”.
    Which means that experienced players who know how to process available data have advantage now, and won’t have it in new version.

    Conquest mode will be too complicated for most players, as they now struggle to understand current random mode.

    So it’s kinda nice that there are more news from WT, as it’s going to be the only game that’ll benefit from new WoWP version.

    1. I haven’t heard a single tester (besides you maybe, if you even are one) complaining about the new version. So, you are kind of alone on that one. Granted, you have every right to your opinion, but don’t be such an arrogant ass to think your opinion is the correct one and everyone else is wrong. Especially when you start name-calling those who think differently. That just makes you look like a 14-year-old childish WT fanboy.

      Please enjoy War Thunder as much as you like, but don’t pretend that game is perfect.

      1. Talv says:

        Jakub isn’t the most PC person in the WoWp community, but 90% of the EU and Russian testers, including myself, agree with him, albeit using a different vocabulary. He is far from alone. Russian testers posted 130 pages of “concerns”….

      2. nervous_testpilot says:

        Sorry to burst your bubble there, chum, but Jakub is mostly correct. WoWp 2.0 is a gamble that Persha is doing on the back of veteran players: they’re betting that simplified arcade gameplay will bring in more new players than they will lose older ones. And they WILL lose most of their current veterans, because WoWp 2.0 beta as of now is a kite-flying button masher for braindead apes compared to current WoWp and if that abomination goes live, people will just quit.

        I do agree with the leaker that something has to be done urgently, but dumbing down the core gameplay is a mistake and completely unnecessary. WoWp isn’t a flop because of its core mechanics (mostly), but because of everything around it. Persha is by its nature a very incompetent studio and they just can’t manage to fine-tune all the parts of the game that are necessary for a F2P online game to function well. For example, their current low-tier dynamics attest to that: low tiers are full of veterans, because it’s easier to farm tokens there. Therefore, newbies are getting r*ped by them constantly and losing the will to play and dropping off before they even see the full game. Meaning, Persha are collectively shooting themselves in the foot. #justpershathings

        You can see this again in action in 2.0 beta – they made changes to UI that are completely counterintuitive and stupid.

        So what SHOULD they do instead? Meaning, what should they’ve done years ago?

        -endgame, meaning some sort of clan wars, ranked battles, etc.
        -better introduction and schooling of new players; WoWp certainly has a steep learning curve and they’ve done little to ease that on the noobs
        -graphical and efficiency optimizations; game lags like crazy right now and drives even most veterans mad
        -MM optimizations, as the match balance is mostly bonkers
        -new gamemodes (conquest looks fun, I’ll give them that; if they could incorporate it into 1.0, it would be great)

        -here’s where they should touch flight model, preferably by changing altitude efficiency mechanic

        Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that WoWp 2.0 will flop as well. The aforementioned gamble might pay off. It’s just not a game that veterans like me will want to play. But we’re mostly all disilusioned at this point; Persha as a studio has shown so much utter incompetence over the years that noone actually believes they can do anything good anymore.

        Disclaimer: I’m a ~65% winrate tryhard with ~15k battles on the EU server.

      3. Mizutayio says:

        As i’m a tester myself i want to say something myself:
        It’s doesn’t seem “dumbed down” to me at all. I don’t know which part of the game is simplified as the flight model is the same more or less. The only thing they got rid of was the radar.
        I do get the concerns of most Wowp veterans, but i think that this gamble is neccesary as i for exemple prefer wowp 2.0 over the current version. and looking at the poll, most players who don’t play wowp also seem to agree.

      4. And maybe that’s the problem right there. You expect them to cater to disillusioned veterans with very high expectations, but let’s be honest. Why should they? Gaining a new crowd is by far the better and more efficient choice. Their expectations are much lower, and said crowd is much bigger. Because there really aren’t that much WoWp veterans out there, the playerbase has never been all that big. So, commercialwise, this seems like the exact right gamble now. Yes, it may be a risky guess, but so is doing nothing. Anything is a gamble at this point, and it seems this is going in the right direction.

        I still stand by my point on the fact the name-calling is completely unnecesary.

      5. nervous_testpilot says:

        That’s why I said it *could* still pay off for them. I’m not so full of myself to think that my kind of game is enjoyable for everyone. 🙂

        It’s just … the chances of Persha pulling it off without major fuck-ups are very slim. Much as we elitist players can be a PITA, we also have the ability to analyze gameplay mechanics very well and assess dev team performance accordingly. And most of what they’ve done up to this point has so utterly missed the mark it’s almost a comedy. :)) Sorry if I don’t share your optimism.

      6. Well, I do agree with you for the most part, mine is more a desperate hope they finally get it together since I’d hate for this game to go to waste. As much as people hate it, I still enjoy it as a side-game when tanks or ships bore me. It’s also really convenient I only have to pay for one premium account and it shares free xp…

      7. As an addendum. I do also play WT, but I can’t see why everyone seems to think that game is so vastly superior. Sure, it might be better in some areas, but it also seems to have some of the same issues as WoWp does…

      8. ssquirrel says:

        “The Veterans will quit” what veterans? the 10 people who play it? That should be your target audience? You must be high…

      9. jakub_czyli_ja says:

        You see, new WoWP version doesn’t address issues that drive new players out from WoWP, and brings more issues that will drive out people that already play.

        Main WoWP issues are imbalanced planes, skill gap and lack of team modes.
        None of these is addressed, some things may be even more emphasized.

        Imba planes may become even more imba due to changes in optimal altitude mechanics and lack of clear altitude, speed and boost indicators in HUD.

        Skill gap will be moved towards playerkilling and flights thanks to reduced amount of data provided by HUD, 2nd pair of eyes will give great advantage.

        Lack of any team mode is as it is.

        And now there will be another thing – a complicated gameplay.

        Not mentioning HP bars over planes, small letters and indicators that are hard to read in HUD, dumbed down controls.

        So there is a flawed game that managed to lose 80% or more of its playerbase, and is going to be changed with even more flawed game.

        So yeah, I name call those, who think differently, because all their thinking is a wishful thinking. After initial euphoria, as it was after WoWP release, it may take some time, but I foresee even bigger failure than WoWP is now.

        As a bonus – I’ve played few hundreds battles on RU server which has more players than EU, and there are battles with more humans than bots.
        And sad thing is that increasing number of players won’t really work, because players are dumber than bots.

        Instead of that, I’d simply like to see mentioned issues addressed, starting from skill gap – skill based MM isn’t a problem because there are bots.
        Removal of flights in favor of team mode would further even chances of everyone, as well as provide the social layer WG seems to be so desperate to keep.
        And CW, even for tokens, would give a reason to grind and play.

        But instead of that there will be new, dumb version of WoWP.

  7. sgtalbers says:

    While this update will upgrade the game alot, i personally dont think it will help to much.
    And the main reason for this is the missing playerbase/target group. There is a good amount of flying games out there and most of them are atleast semi-realistic and that is what people like in these genre. You will not get these people with an full arcarde game

    1. Mizutayio says:

      Well i think the lack of playerbase seems like a good motivation for the leaker to, you know, leak.
      If you look at it more closely, leking wowp 2.0 gameplay is a good way to get attention and he even mentioned that to me.

      1. sgtalbers says:

        That will not help much when the Target group is not interested in the game. I would count myself to the target group, one of my favorite childhood game was the old IL 2 Sturmovic. When the WoWP was going in the Beta i was pretty amazed, a new flying game. The reality on the other hand was (and still is) a pretty sad story. And when the Competitor ermerged (WT) theat game was completly dead for me. I played it for a short time after the release but it was still a game in in an sorry state. I may be biased nowadays since im a hardcore WT Player (Tier V on all nations execpt Japanese Tanks 4200h on steam) but there is nothing that would bring me back to WoWP, Controls stiill look clumsy and while the game has improved looking at the footage it is still nowhere near WT, its main competitor.
        My honest opinion is that it is already to late for the game, these changes should have been done before the release.

  8. Private Pilot says:

    I gave up on this game as well as others like it due to my training. The problem is flight games are made by gamers, not pilots.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Don’t see any mention of control scheme changes or any other related technical improvements for WoWP. When it debuted, there were huge criticisms on flying/pilot controls articulation vs (the more successful) War Thunder.

    Imo, all the above leaked info on changes in the mechanics isn’t enough to pull back the crowd. If the foundation for your house is dodgy & unreliable, fixing your roof isn’t going to make it any safer.

  10. Stormcloud says:

    Don’t see any mention of control scheme changes or any other related technical improvements for WoWP. When it debuted, there were huge criticisms on flying/pilot controls articulation vs (the more successful) War Thunder.

    Imo, all the above leaked info on changes in the mechanics isn’t enough to pull back the crowd. If the foundation for your house is dodgy & unreliable, fixing your roof isn’t going to make it any safer.

  11. GrimmReaperBG says:

    I think they should rename it to “Lazarus project” because this is what they do- trying to resurect a dead man.

  12. olechos says:

    1. the game now is corrupt. new players have lack of possibilities to play. why? old players are exploiters. for example: simultanously press “battle” button to dominate both sides of battle with friends. then, they do not shoot each other rising their chances to win.

    2. the game now has idiotic domination of heavy fighters. exploiters playing platoon of me 262 hg 3 can win every battle whole night. closing possibilities to join battle (win) on top tier for any other players.

    3. its very good to win battle by domination not only by killin enemy planes. in aerial battle bombers are supreme not fighters. there will be no battle of england without german bombers. there are no battles between fighters if noone want to bomb something in domination area. so. if fighters kill fighters without touch bombers, they can loose coz “london” (main target) will be destroyed. 😉

    4. fighters should defend bombers and ground facilities not chase other fighters like in idiotic WOWp game.

    5. developers pls dont give a f…k of players playing now WOWp. we need more players and new ones and new game. old ones can leave. they are just mentally ill. 😀

    sorry for my english.

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