Wowp – Operation Dynamo

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Remember Dunkirk by taking part in special missions between now and August to claim two very special planes for your hangar!

It seems like WG stopped neglecting Wowp and are giving it a special hangar as well as some nice missions, in which you can earn 2 premium planes: The Messerschmitt BF 109 E-3 and the Supermarine Spitfire 1a with a special Pilot with two unique skills ( Unique as in: You can only get them with that pilot and there’s no other way on getting them on any other pilot in the game).

Here are the missions: 

Operation Dynamo

These missions are separated by allies and axis, the allied missions give you the Spitfire while the axis missions give you the Bf 109

Mission 1 from 14th of July to the 24th of July:

Destroy 50 enemy planes while flying any of the ally planes ( British, American, Soviet and french planes) or

Destroy 50 enemy planes while fyling axis ( German or Japanese) to complete the axis mission.

The Rewards are 250’000 credits for each mission.

Mission 2 from the 24th of July to the 2nd of August:

Win 30 battles and be in the top 10 of exp earned in your team. ( same for both axis and allies)

This will net you 20’000 exp for each mission. ( it would be advised to complete the mission with a plane you want to grind with anyway).

Mission 3 from the 2nd of August to the 10th of August:

Get 30’000 exp over any number of battles ( i guess this means total exp with all bonuses, also again, same mission for allies and axis).

This mission gives you 1 day of premium time each.

If you have completed each mission of the allies you shall recieve the Spitfire with a special camouflage ( unlike WoT you can actually remove the special camo and put something else on it)

Same goes for the Axis.


That was all for now. Hope you’re having a nice evening.


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Wowp – Operation Dynamo

5 thoughts on “Wowp – Operation Dynamo

    1. WafflesOfWrath says:

      All WoWP missions since launch have been tier 4 or above. I don’t like flying below tier 4, anyway-

  1. Atom_Hunter says:

    No tier restriction? I will complete the Axis missions with my Type 91 and the Allies, with the Hawk 75M. Piece of cake!

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