Wowp- patch 1.9.10 + Thor’s Hammer Faction event

Greetings everyone, just an article i wanted to post as quickly as possible.


Wowp patch 1.9.10 will be released tomorrow and will introduce 6 new tech tree planes:

  • BV-P210, German Tier VIII Multirole Fighter
  • BV-P212-03, German Tier IX Multirole Fighter
  • BV-P215-02, German Tier X Multirole Fighter
  • SU-9, Soviet Tier VIII Multirole Fighter
  • I-211, Soviet Tier IX Multirole Fighter
  • I-215, Soviet Tier X Multirole Fighter

Images and more information can be found here


However the interesting part is the event which will appear with the new release: Battle of Thor’s Hammer, similar to the Japanese Threat event when the KI-162 line was introduced you can win said new tech tree planes by playing the game and most importantly, winning in planes of your chosen faction. gives you points which allows you to open loot boxes which have the chance of dropping these planes including missions which have to be completed in order to keep these planes, the luckiest players may even keep the plane directly without needing to complete missions.

So long story short, you get the chance earn a tier 8, 9 and 10 tech tree plane by merely playing a couple of battles in any plane of your chosen faction.

Read more about it here

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