[WOWP] Swiss tech tree part 1

Greetings everyone, since Wowp 2.0 is in the works and is, as of yet, very well received considering it’s past. Blockhaj and I have decided to show some of the Tech tree proposals we have worked on in the last couple of months.

Today we start with the first part of the swiss tree as this is one of the 2 nations where we have the most information gathered, the other one being the swedish tree, there are however many other trees we have prepared as well.

However for the Swiss tree we are starting with the 2 fighter lines which will end in 2 tier 9 and 10s per line.

The fighter line, or in this case, Multi role fighter lines will be divided by manufacturer: Dornierwerke Altenrhein ( Doflug), later Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke Altenrhein ( FFA) and

Eidgenössische Flugzeugwerke Emmen ( EFW)

Note that this is merely a proposal so planes are subject to change.


Tier 1: Wild X


Fighter Designed by Alfred Comte for the Colombian air force and built in 1925. Historical information is sparse, however there’s enough information present for Wowp.

Compared to other tier 1 planes it is the slowest of them all with a top speed of only 190 km/h, but i could easily be buffed by a couple of km/h to make it at least competitive with other tier 1 planes.. It has the standard armament of 2x 7.5mm machine guns in the fuselage which is present on most tier 1 and 2 biplane fighters in WoWp.


EFW line: Slower multirole line but with better armament than the Doflug line.They resemble heavy fighters more than actual fighters in terms of armament.


Tier 2: Militär Apparat MA-7

Designed by August Häfeli in 1924. It was one of the 3 Militär Apparat planes ( MA-6, MA-7, MA-8) built and tested.

Stock top speed would be  235 km/h and it would have 2x 7.5mm MG11s


Tier 3: EKW C-35

It’s the predecessor to the C-36 series. Its a biplane attacker plane historically but its ground pounding ability is very poor with no rockets and less than 100 kg of bombs. Therefore we stuck it in the Multirole line. It has a 20 mm in the nose with 2x 7.5 mm machine guns firing through the propeller with a single 7.5 mm guner.


Tier 4: EKW C-3601

Historically a Ground attack aircraft, however  later variants like the mass produced 3603 were capable to hold up to D-3801 fighter planes and BF 109 in trials in switzerland also it’s armament would have been lackluster for the Ground attack role in Wowp. These are some of the reasons why i put them in the Multi role fighter class in Wowp. The C-3601 and it’s Upgraded Fuselage C-3602 have fixed landing gear like the JU 87 stuka dive bomber. It has 1x 20 mm Hub mounted cannon and 2x 7.5 mm MGs in the wings as well as twin 7.5 mm rear guns in a single gunner mount.


Tier 5: EKW C-3603

Like EKW C-3601 however with retractable landing gear and a stronger engine. The first fuselage (pre production) has rounded wingtips like the C-3601 & 2 while the upgraded fuselage has clipped wings. As mentioned previously it could keep up with D-3801 and Bf-109 ( likely a D-1 or E-3 variant as the later BF 109s the swiss used were F-4s and G-6s which would have outclassed C-36 by a lot.


Tier 6:  EKW C-3604

The most advanced Fighter version of the C-36 family. It had an even bigger engine as well as a 4- Bladed Propeller. It’s armament was also improved as it would now feature improved 7.5 mm guns, as well as an improved hub mounted 20 mm gun and an additional 2x 20 mm guns in the wings.

It’s rear gun was also tested a 13 mm mg131 (mod C-601), a 12.7 mm m2 browning (mod C-602) and a 20 mm cannon (mod C-603).


Tier 7: EFW Type 1



Post war ground attack/ fighter project. With a top speed of  600 km/h it could keep up with the Japanese fighters, it would however be less maneuverable but it would feature a fearsome armament  of 4x 13 mm synchronized guns as well as 4x 20 mm wing mounted cannons.


Tier 8: EFW Type 2


Bigger, turbocharged engine, top speed:  650 km/h, still on the lower end of the speed scale, however it has a devastating armament of 8x 20 mm guns, 4 of them in the wings and 4 of them synchronized.


Here the line splits into the N-X line and the L-X line.

N-X line:

Tier 9:  EFW N-10

Single engined jet fighter project from EFW with 6x 20 mm guns which for a fighter in Wowp is considered heavy armament.


Tier 10: EFW N-11

Different engine than N-10, it would be even faster with the same Armament.


L-X line:

Tier 9: L-10 IV


Light fighter project from the 50s. It was meant to be a lighter alternative to the very heavy P-16 and N-20.

As it would mount the Famous AS Saphire and would weigh almost half as much as P-16 which used the very same engine.

It would be very fast and very maneuverable, however it’s firepower would be very bad as it only mounted 2x 20 mm guns.


Tier 10: L-10 V


L-10 with twin Rolls Royce Orpheus Engines. It was calculated to have a top speed of 1150 km/h which would just make it just about the fastest fighter in Wowp if i gets implemented with historical speed, just faster than the FW 252 and F7U cutlass with 1100 km/h. It would however have the weakest armament of all tier 10 planes with only 2x 20 mm guns.


Doflug Line: The more “average” multi role fighter line with average top speeds and average armament.


Tier 2: Alfred Comte AC-1

While not being the first aircraft designed by Comte, that would be the Wild aircrafts. It is the first legit fighter as all the planes before that were built for recon purpose and only Wild X was a semi recon fighter.

AC-1 is a shoulder wing monoplane with a top speed of 250 km/h and a 420 hp engine.

Armament consisted of 2x 7.5 mm MGs

A further upgrade of the AC-1, called the AC-10 was an up engined AC-1 with a 480 hp Gnome- Rhone Jupiter.


Tier 3: Dewoitine D-27 III-R

Indigenous version of the Dewoitine D-27 and D-27 III, It has a different propeller and a more powerful engine. It had 2x 7.5 mm in the fuselage and had a top speed of 322 km/h.


Tier 4: Doflug D-3800

Licence built Ms. 406. It’s main armament featured a hub mounted 20 mm cannon and 2x 7.5 mm MGs in the wings it also had mounts for rockets and bombs


Tier 5: Doflug D-3801


Improved engine over D-3800 and some quality of life improvements such as a tail wheel instead of a skid. It had a top speed of  535 km/h and the same armament as the tier 5 one. Its climb rate makes up for its weaker armament since its 16.2 m/s which is really good.

Also something Anime related: the D-3801 is featured in the anime Shuumatshu no Izetta, it is mistaken with an MS 406, but as you can see above, D-3800 is based on the MS 406 which didn’t have a tail wheelbut a mere skid. Also the radio antenna on the Ms 406 was behind the cockpit and not infront as both D-3801 and the anime plane show ( and yes, the swiss MS 406 upgrade was the only MS 406 variant which has the antenna infront of the cockpit).

even the color sceme is very similar:

Don’t worry, i won’t be talking about anime in every article. Just wanted to point out a wrong name.


Tier 6: Doflug D-3802

The first real improvement. It had a 4- bladed propeller as well as a 1250 hp Saurer YS-2, it had a top speed of  638 km/h

The base vesion 3802 had 1 hub mounted 20 mm cannon and 4 wing mounted 7.5 mm MGs while 3802A had 1 hub mounted 20 mm cannon and 2 wing mounted 20 mm guns.


Tier 7: D-3803

Mounted with an even stronger 1430 hp Saurer YS-3 engine which gave it a top speed of 660 km/h, it also had a bubble canopy which allowed for all around vision. It’s armament was the same as D-3802 A.


Tier 8: P-12

Single engined jet fighter with a top speed of around 800 km/h and a base armament of 2 20mm guns as well as 16 120mm rockets and 800 kg worth of bombs.


Here the line splits into the P series which were maneuverable and the P series which were built more for speed than maneuverability.  


Maneuverability line:

Tier 9: P-14


Early P-16 concept, similar in design but with a much weaker Sulzer D-90 engine. Base armament was either 4x 20mm guns or 2x 30mm guns, with 400 kg bombs.


Tier 10: P-16

Probably the most well known swiss jet as it’s wings were the base for the Learjet 23 ( aka SAAC-23).

Powered by the massive AS Saphire Sa 6 it could go 1115 km/h. It was mounted with 2 x 30 mm HS 825 cannons.

P-16 also gives the American tree a possible tier 10 plane with the AJ-7, a P-16 with a different tail and a GE-J-79-11 A engine


Speed line:

Tier 9: P-15

Same as P-14, however this plane had swept wings which meant it could go faster, however it was less maneuverable.


Tier 10: P-17


Development of the P-16, with delta wings and a more aerodynamic nose. Unlike P-16 it doesn’t have a all around visibility canopy.

It would be similar to L-10 V, however it was much heavier meaning it would be less maneuverable. It had 2 30mm guns however which gives it better firepower.


Let us know if you like such article, if not for Wowp, then for it’s historical aspect.

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[WOWP] Swiss tech tree part 1

9 thoughts on “[WOWP] Swiss tech tree part 1

  1. Bob says:

    This is pretty cool article. I honestly didn’t know anything about domestic Swiss aircraft development before reading this article. Additionally as someone that plays WoWp I would love to see more lines.

  2. armando30 says:

    I am a defender of adding anything that can be added but this time I believe this proposal was not carefully researched, the first line is a mess, I don’t know much about the swiss military aviation industry and was quite surprised from the variety HOWEVER a simple search is everything you need to understand the first line is clearly underpowered and some aircraft need removel or a serious downtiering

    it is a big issue when your tier 3 is inferior to other nations tier 2s, not only on raw performance but also the materials and techniques used to build it (which may influence its HP)
    the tier 3 is ONLY 5kph faster than the tier 2 He.51
    the tier 7 and 8 are interesting but should drop 1 tier
    at tier 7 most nations have aircraft capable of at least 650kph (in some cases well above 700kph), of course speed is not everything BUT with the weight of 4 heavy machine-guns (13mm) and 4 20mm cannons it should reduce its maneuverability
    at tier 8 is more of the same, 650kph is not enough vs 755kph from aircraft like Ta 152 and Me 209, at tier 7 it would work better

    ideally you should first learn the range of raw specs for each tier
    example: tier 7 speed 630 to 712 kph, turn 20 to 32 sec, firepower x to y burst mass per second, climb rate 15 to 27 m/s (not exact values, only a example)
    and then select a aircraft within some of the parameters

    1. Mizutayio says:

      hm maybe should have added that the listed top speeds were for the stock configurations, upgraded engines would have given them a higher top speed anyway. I am perfectly aware that the EWK line of planes are to slow with the listed numbers.
      C-3604 for exemple uses a Saurer YS-2 but for gameplay reasons it could also mount the YS-3 as it’s the same size roughly but it has a HP rating of 1430 instead of the 1250 of YS-2. for the D-3802/ D-3803 it’s a top speed increase of 22 km/h.
      Besides all of that Wowp is an arcade game and some stats could be changed to make them work better.

    2. Blockhaj says:

      Well you have to consider that the tier 3 is historically an attacker. So yes it doesnt have the speed performance of a fighter. But the He 51 only have 2 mg’s in the nose. This plane gets a nose mounted 20 mm and a gunner on top of that. It also could get an engine upgrade to improve it’s top speed. Its a clear tier 3 since it would be pure broken at tier 2. The tier 7 and 8 have a 2000 hp engine and would in reality go around 700 km/h if it wasnt for its extreme armament. 8x 20 mm will give it some of the best dpm at that tier in the game and will be able to knock out almost any plane in one single pass with the currently extremely generous hp system. And the speed of the Ta 152 and Me 209 is buffed through the roof anyway so this one could be buffed as well. And since all previous planes in the lineup are maneuverable these 2 will be as well. U forget that this isn’t wt and that stats will change for balance.

      1. armando30 says:

        of course it’s not WT, but the WoWp devs have to start from somewhere in order to decide how much dmg a gun should do for example, and even as a arcade flight game they still need to have something that differentiates each aircraft, knowing what aircraft A can do vs the already existing ones will help them decide how to balance it
        the Type 1 and 2 for example don’t have the speed but have firepower, that however hurts its turn and speed BUT the extra weight should help it on a dive
        for that reason the devs could decide to make it the WoWp version of a boom-and-zoom, balancing it so that it can pounce on others and pull away easier

        I say this because I know how annoying WT AB is when every aircraft is pretty much the same, some bombers can even out-turn fighters, not matter how arcady it is a line has to be set between different “classes” of aircraft because it gives them “character/personality”, or would you enjoy unlocking a tier 8 and say «it feels like a F4F but faster»?

  3. Killtech says:

    hmm, interesting article. didn’t think of swiss as a possible nation for WoWp but apparently due to their situation they did have enough indigenous designs for all tiers. i hope the game will be successful enough to see any of them in the game eventually. wonder though which side they will be in an Axis vs Allies event, hehe.

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