[Wowp] Swiss tech tree part 2

Since part 1 of the Tech tree showcase series went well. We decided to continue with part 2 of the Swiss World of Warplanes Tech tree including the heavy fighter line and the Ground Attacker line.

Heavy fighter line:

Tier 5: P-2110


The Heavy fighter line starts from the C-3601 and at tier 5 we have the P-2110 which is extremely reminiscent of the BF 110 heavy fighter.

It has 2 1250 hp engines  and has a calculated top speed of 544 km/h it mounted 4 7.5mm MGs and 2 20mm guns in the nose of the plane and has 1 twin 7.5mm MG in the rear of the cockpit.


Tier 6: P-2113


This is an improved P-2110 and features 2 2000 hp Saurer FLB 2000 engines which give it a top speed of 635 km/h. it has 2 13 mm guns and 2 34 mm guns mounted in the nose and a twin 13mm MG in the rear of the cockpit. It would be able to compete with same tiered heavy fighters while not being to strong or to weak in any compartement.


Tier 7: N-0


My personal favourite, a heavy fighter design from 1941, for it’s time it was a very advanced design. It’s top speed would have been 700 km/h with 2 1200 hp Hispano Suiza engines pushing the aircraft.

Armament would have consisted of 1 34mm cannon, 2 20mm guns in the nose and 4 7.5 mm guns in the wings.


Tier 8: ETH Jagdflugzeug 45

ETH Jet Fighter

Little is known about this plane, however there is enough information to make it a tech tree plane. The alternative would be the N-20 Concept but there’s even less info on that one.

Top speed would have been 800 km/h.

Armament would have been 2 large caliber guns and 6 small caliber ones. Presumably 2x 34 mm and 6x 20 mm.


Tier 9: N-20.10 Aiguillon

A delta wing fighter with 4 Swiss Mamba 01 engines which when tested were considered to weak for a plane of that size and another set of upgraded SM-03 or SM-04 engines were proposed. That upgraded N-20 was called N-20.15.

As it never flew due to a flight ban it is hard to tell the exact specs, it was however projected to go 1100 km/h, due to it’s weak engines i have my doubts in that, it would have probably gone 900 km/h.

It’s base armament consisted of 2x 20mm guns and had the option to mount either 6x 20mm guns or 4x 30mm guns in it’s lower fuselage


Tier 10: N-20.20 Harpon

The last N-20 design with AS Sapphire engines. Unlike N-20.10 it would probably have reached the projected top speed of 1100 km/h if not more.


Attacker line:


Tier 6: P-2114


Similar to P-2110, however this one was designed with the intention to go after ground targets, it’s armament and top speed would be the same as on P-2110, however P-2114 had a larger bomb load.


Tier 7: P-2111 Zerstörer


Same top speed as P-2113, however this version packs 2x 13mm MGs, 2x 20mm and 2x34mm guns in it’s nose as well as a good bomb load.


Tier 8: N-6

I couldn’t get a lot of information in it yet, however it is known that it mounted 1x 34 mm cannon, 4x 20mm guns and 2x 7.5mm guns. It lacks a rear gunner.

Top speed is as of yet unknown, i will be working on getting that information later this summer.

Tier 9: P-25.11


2 engined Jet with a negative swept wing, unlike all currently existing Attack aircraft, it would not have a rear gunner just like the tier 8 one.

Armament would consist of 6x 20mm guns and a bomb load of total 800kg as well as 18x 105mm rockets.

Top speed was calculated to be 1000 km/h at best, but since it has forward swept wings it would be really unstable and hard to fly.


Tier 10: P-25.20

Lighter version of the tier 9 one, still with forward swept wings, however the angle is much less and is almost 0°. Other than that it’s a more maneuverable and faster P-25.11.

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