[Wowp] Swiss tech tree part 3 ( premiums)

So here is part 3 of the Swiss Wowp tech tree.


Since we have covered all the main lines we will now list all of the premiums we have in the tree. Now these are just the projects we thought would be great premiums but there are a bunch more projects which could be premium but we have not included due to various reasons but there are more possible premiums if needed.


Tier 2 :Häfeli DH-5S MVa ( Fighter)

Designed by August Häfeli in 1929 as an armed reconnaissance and trainer aircraft.  With it’s 7.5mm synchronized machine gun and it’s rear gun it would be a nice tier 2 candidate.

Tier 2: AC-3 (Bomber)

1930s bomber project, and as of yet, the biggest aircraft ever to be built in switzerland.

It’s armament consists of 2 machine guns in turrets. It had a bomb load of 2000 kg as well as a top speed of 280 km/h which it can achieve due to 2x 600 hp Hispano suiza engines.


Tier 2: SWS C-1 (Fighter)


1918 Fighter project by the Schweizerische Wagonfabrik Schlieren ( SWS)

Similar to the DH-5S it is an armed reconnaissance trainer. It would have the same armament which is 2x 7.5mm MGs and 1 rear gunner.


Tier 4. C-36 Jagdeinsitzer (Fighter)

Single seater, gull wing version of the C-3601, as it has no rear gunner and no bomb load, it would go much faster. it features a 1000 hp Hispano suiza engine  engine and 1x 20mm hub mounted weapon as well as the 2x 7.5mm MGs in the wing.


Tier 4: C-38 (Multirole)

C-3601 with a conventional tail with a 860 hp Hispano Suiza engine and the standard 1x 20 and 2x 7.5mm MG armament as well as the rear gunner.


Tier 5: P-2111 (Heavy Fighter)


A lighter armed version of the P-2111 Z.


Tier 6: D-3802/03 ( Multirole)


D-3802 with the D-3803 bubble canopy and the YS-2 1250 HP engine going 638 km/h


Tier 7: EFW Type 3 (Multirole)


This version has the highest caliber guns of any of the EWF Types aircraft.

It features 2x 20mm guns  in the nose and 2x 30mm guns in the wings with a 2000 hp engine and a top speed of 600 km/h


Tier 8: P-26 (Multirole)

A light version of the hightier ground attack aircraft, weaker armament (4x 20 mm guns) and weaker engines. It could still carry bombs and rockets, however way less than the P-25s and thus would fit the multirole fighter class better than the ground attack class.


Tier 8: P-13 (Multirole)

Similar to other nations, this fighter has a design quite similar to most soviet planes of the time.

It’s armament consisted of 2x 20 mm guns as well as a gunpod of 4x 20mm guns in the fuselage and bombs


Tier 8: N-20 Concept ( Heavy Fighter)

Armament would consist of 8x 20mm guns in total, it was the preproduction design of the N-20 and had a strange wing and engine design.

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[Wowp] Swiss tech tree part 3 ( premiums)

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  1. Killtech says:

    your tier 8 N-20 Concept fits more the description of a heavy fighter then the quite light ETH Jagdflugzeug 45 for the regular heavy branch. Also it fits better tech and name-wise as it is the early concept your tier 9 N-20 Aiguillon. i guess the reason you didn’t pick it was that there isn’t enough info to build a plane with it (which would also need upgrade options)?

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