Wowp tech tree showcase [POLL]

So part 3 of Switzerland is taking a bit of time due to Mizutayio having some strict schedules atm. So to make the time pass i made a poll asking u guys what Nation you want us to showcase after Switzerland. We have 12 trees in the works but ho knows what nations we might work on in the future.

Vote here

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Wowp tech tree showcase [POLL]

15 thoughts on “Wowp tech tree showcase [POLL]

  1. Killtech says:

    are all of the listed nations in principle capable of building a full tree from tier 1 to 10 (at least one line)?

    1. Blockhaj says:

      Yes. So far ive been able to finish at least one line for each of these nations without any copycats. There are modified planes in the trees but they differ in both armament and engine etc effectively making them new planes both internally and externally. Some trees are not finished (Benelux & Czech) due to limited internet sources but i strongly believe that these trees can be finished. All the others have at least one complete line. Even china have 100% chinese planes.

  2. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    Polish tree will be fun. To roast.

    The only reasonable candidates seem to be Italy and Sweden.
    Other countries have strong continuity issues, like being under occupation, or something like that.

    1. Blockhaj says:

      All trees have at least one complete line. Benelux tree and Czech tree only misses one plane each to finish their line/lines. And it will be fun to see ur reaction when we unveil the polish line.

      1. jakub_czyli_ja says:

        In case of Polish tree, since tier VII at best there are only clones of soviet planes, because Poland didn’t exist in timeframe that planes tier VI+ were designed and introduced.
        Tier VI is kind of wishful thinking.

        So sad truth is that in case of Polish tech tree there can be either clones or planes made from handvavium, or planes buffed beyond the common sense.

        Czech tree can be a bit better, but still there wold be a number of clones, like Avia S-199 which was Bf 109 clone, only with inferior bomber engine.

    2. Zbyszko66 says:

      Actually I made a Polish TT proposal a few years ago with 2 full branches (LFs and GAAs) and it only took me a few days of Internet searching. So with access to archives I think it really is possible to make full Polish WoWp TT without much problem

      1. Blockhaj says:

        Well 2 branches is sorta possible the problem comes with the jets. It was a pain finding 3 of em.

      1. Shiva says:

        Taivaan Helmi
        ” F2A-1 Buffalo / B-239″
        Has to be 1 of those.
        It is different enought from the original F2A-1.
        For the rest, no clue.
        But will be interesting to see.

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