Wowp – Test the new conquest mode!



We’re launching the limited public test of the new World of Warplanes version.

One of the main features of this big update will be the new «Conquest» game mode. The essence of the new game mode is to capture and hold key points on the battlefield.

«Conquest» Game Mode

Airfields and Military bases, Command Centres and Industrial objects — all these targets will be protected by fighters and anti-aircraft artillery. The capture of each particular target will not only give you Influence Points, but also tangible bonuses in battle and having them can decide the outcome of the battle.


We’re presenting a new class of planes — bombers, with good flight performance at high-altitude, powerful engines and a devastating load. You will be able to control one of these heavyweight planes or become a member of the interception group and meet them before they drop their bombs. Those who always dreamed of becoming a rear gunner will get this opportunity too. Yes, we’re introducing the option of manual rear gunner control.

Respawn Mechanics

Of course, the testers of the new version will be able to try out the new mechanics of in-battle respawn, check reworked maps, new graphics, and effects.

The skies are calling!

Want to try the World of Warplanes 2.0 before release? You have only a little left to do: apply for the limited public test and join the testing team! The new look of the game depends on you. Take part in the battles, pay attention to the errors, share impressions and express your wishes.

Apply now!

Link to the EU portal

Link to the NA portal

I myself as a wowp player really hope that these plans will make Wowp a more popular game. It would be fair if as many people as possible can test it and give a lot of feedback any maybe we can get them to make even more changes in the future.

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Wowp – Test the new conquest mode!

14 thoughts on “Wowp – Test the new conquest mode!

  1. svalsbard says:

    I have to say I’m impressed that WoT (I am assuming WoWS doesn’t make much) still makes enough cash to keep WoWP being actively developed.

  2. wolvenworks says:

    just one problem: my acc is in EU and i’m in asia. 400+ ping gg rekt.

    well on the upside if warplanes improves to the point WG SG staff wants to introduce it to ASIA, maybe i can finally transfer my planes here

  3. Shrike58 says:

    WoWS strikes me as being rather successful…sounds also like WG are taking some notes from that game that mixes planes & tanks & boats.

  4. yingyu0502 says:

    asean people love wows as same as wot, other continent people just ok with it. wowp is at first patch is still ok to go, but the following patch is getting worse and worse…

  5. lafie says:

    And now they also have the Hayate in game.

    May just have to get a up to date copy of this game now 😀

    I am so going to laugh if the those of us that never gave up on wowp get the last laugh on those that did. (I only stopped playing when the waiting times got longer than the battle times)

    1. pixywing says:

      I doubt the NA server will be able to recover, even NA WoWS isn’t looking hot.

      There are a lot of games I like playing, but the server population is what kills it for me. Wait 2 minutes for a battle sure, but 10+ is absurd.

      1. Psicko23 says:

        The long wait times over 10 minutes was in 1.6. That was rectified in 1.7. We are now in 1.9. 1.6 was several years ago. There are other problems, but wait times over 10 minutes is not one of them.

    2. Psicko23 says:

      So, you stopped playing in 1.6? That was a few years ago, 2014 if I recall correctly. 1.7 fixed the long waits. There are still problems, but at least download it to see if you like the current version.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Would be nice if they add an NA West server so that scrubs like me from the Pacific side can play without suffering from 300+ ping.

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