Wowp – The Conquest Mode Test Returns!





Mizutayio: Based from the first iteration of the Wowp 2.0 testing, you are more likely to get accepted if you played a lot of games in the month leading up to the date of the inviations being sent out. Which i personally think is stupid as WG needs to listen to the player which don’t play Wowp for obvious reasons. I myself like Wowp as it is but i am willing to accept changes since i do know more or less what needs to change in order for it to become more of a success as i know that the limited playerbase atm can’t keep the game running in the long run. So what WG should be doing is invite players who have last played in beta or at least within the first year of release as that was the time when most players played in and came to the conclusion that it sucks and they need to sacrifice the small playerbase that still plays and adores the game as it is now.

Since i have played a lot lately i hope that i get access to the Testing and can convince WG to get a set of players invited who have played last in beta and preferably those who have player War Thunder.
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Wowp – The Conquest Mode Test Returns!

2 thoughts on “Wowp – The Conquest Mode Test Returns!

  1. Rwn says:

    I also hope to be accepted to the test.. Nevertheless I am also afraid from the changes, because the game except for OP flights seems fine and fun to me.. But have to agree with you on necessity to bring more players to the game (in my country there is quite frequent WoT advertising, but no for WoWp – that is quite an issue too, IMHO)

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