WoWp- WG 20th anniversary event

Good morning everyone,

This event is for all Regions ( NA, EU and RU)

World of Warplanes is celebrating WGs 20th anniversary. You get the chance to earn a Free tier 4 Soviet Premium Fighter, the Polikarpov I-153 DM-4  starting today until the 6th of august.

All you have to do is complete 5 missions:

  1. Become one of the top 3 players on your team by Personal Points
  2. Play a battle
  3. Win a battle and be in the top 5 in Personal Points
  4. Earn 25k Personal Points in any number of battles
  5. Complete mission 1 through 4


In addition to this, WG is selling 3 Female pilots, each with a different set of unique skills that can’t be obtained anywhere else. They’re currently only sold on EU and RU, but they’ll appear most likely for NA as well later on.

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WoWp- WG 20th anniversary event

6 thoughts on “WoWp- WG 20th anniversary event

  1. Robert says:

    *** This info is taken from the WoWp NA portal as EU per usual doesn’t have anything on this matter, however it’s for all Regions ( NA, EU and RU).

    No longer true 🙂

  2. I’m not seeing the female pilots for sale anywhere, nor anything talking about them on the NA portal on in the game center. That supernova skill sounds ripe for abuse, but since you’re only playing bots most of the time, I guess it is fine.

  3. TheMadPizzler says:

    Don’t be fooled!!!! WoWP has gone off the deep end of of failure and player contempt. Once 2.0 dropped, the patches afterward have been disasters, and instead of fixing all the bugs, etc., their focus is on making pay-to-play (they readjusted all the stats on equipment and modules….but it’s OK, you can grind for the next year to get back to your starting point… or… you can buy tokens to instantly return all your planes to a level where they used to perform. The Persha studio is unresponsive and does not factor players into their game design.


    1. Mizutayio says:

      You do realize that they actually haven’t changed the module stats, your plane is still performing as it used to with release of 2.0 now you can just improve your plane even further, sure, the implementation wasn’t the best, but this wasn’t all there was to Progression 2.0. I suggest we wait out what else WG has planned.

      1. TheMadPizzler says:

        You do realize that equipment now comes with negatives and includes a gambling game (where you can spend real money) to adjust the equipment and maybe get an improvement and maybe get a negative. Also, old premiums weren’t upgraded like new premiums, equipment slots were taken away under the blatant statement ‘we’re giving you more choices’ (by removing them). And… we’re still waiting for some sort of official response from Persha for 2.05… but…. crickets. 2.0 was a good change, everything afterwards has added game breaking bugs and ‘new features’ that players don’t want and drain the fun from the game.

  4. Sturmi_0545 says:

    When will they switch from shooting houses and Swiss (neutral) aircraft back to shooting enemy planes again?

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