WoWS at Gamescom 2019: Submarines, a commander and new German ships

Hello everyone, for those of you who weren’t aware the World of Warships team have just unveiled their latest goodies for WoWS at this years Gamescom and I am writing to give you an overview of what to expect. Firstly, we have been given this teaser:


So for those of you wondering how submarines will be implemented into the tech tree, the first nations we have been shown are Germany and the United States, and they will start at tier VI and follow the same progression as aircraft carriers taking up the even tiers following.

Here are the line ups for the two nations:

USA: Tier VI – USS Cachalot

Tier VIII – USS Salmon

Tier X – USS Balao

Germany: Tier VI – U-69 (Type VIIC)

Tier VIII – U-190 (Type IXC)

Tier X – U-2501 (Type XXI)

Just like the Halloween event, there will be 3 levels for the submarine to operate at: Surface, Periscope depth and Dive depth. At dive depth, the submarine will be blind, but it can use the hydrophone to locate enemy targets to engage. When a submarine launches its torpedos, it can give it a limited guided capability dependent on whether it uses its sonar, one ping will give the torpedo a nudge in the target’s direction and two pings will give the torpedo magnetic properties to help guide it further.

The main counter to submarines will be DDs who will be alerted to any sonar pings coming from a submarine contact, which will paint a circle for the DD to investigate and upon entering it will commence depth charging the area. Another balancing factor is the oxygen supply on the submarine which means captains will need to manage their time submerged, lest they are forced to surface near enemy vessels. Finally, submarines will be slow and vulnerable, meaning that they will have to rely on their stealth to get into positions undetected and use their wits to remain unseen by the enemy.

A new German captain:

For all German fans, Günther Lütjens has been announced as the unique captain to grace German vessels in WoWS, however, at this moment in time, we have not been told any of his skills or characteristics so keep an eye on the WoWS development blog for further news.

New German Tier VIII ships:

Germany will be receiving 2 new Tier VIII ships, the Light Cruiser Mainz which is based on the Admiral Hipper class but has 12x 150mm cannons rather than 8x 203mm cannons. Then for Battleships, we will see the Odin, which we have been told is based on the Scharnhorst but from we can gather so far it may be armed with 305mm cannons rather than 283mm cannons but will retain its torpedo armament.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned as we will try to keep you updated with all the Gamescom 2019 news that will be coming out, as always see you next time.

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WoWS at Gamescom 2019: Submarines, a commander and new German ships

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