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We continue to work on improving the gameplay of aircraft carriers and today we would like to tell you about the changes that are being prepared for the next few updates.

Please remember that plans sometimes change. The information below is preliminary: deadlines may be moved, and a little later new points may be added.

  • Update 0.8.4 will bring a period of time at the beginning of each battle during which aircraft carrier squadrons will be unable to take off due to them having to go through some initial servicing. This change, taking into account the time it takes squadrons to reach the targets, will allow ships on both teams to start moving to the control points and take advantageous positions before any squadrons are in the air.
  • The Engine Cooling consumable has been standardized for all aircraft. Now the consumable will give the same increase in speed at all tiers – 35 knots (40 for Japanese aircraft and attack aircraft of all nations) and equally slow down the aircraft by 17.5 knots (20 for Japanese aircraft and attack aircraft of all nations). The change will reduce the effectiveness of squadrons as scouts and also the strike potential at the highest tiers.

  • In Update 0.8.4 we plan to change the interaction between destroyers and dive bombers with HE bombs, while maintaining the effectiveness of this type of aircraft against other ship classes. Now, due to the mechanics of aiming and scattering, it is relatively easy to hit a destroyer with a large number of high-explosive bombs. This in itself is normal, but there is a problem: evasive maneuvers on the part of the destroyer being attacked by bombers don’t do enough to prevent being hit. To solve this problem, the required drop height of bombs will be increased, the shape of the aiming ellipse will be changed, and the scattering of the bombs will be adjusted. Now the ellipse will be elongated and narrow, with an increased chance of bombs falling closer to the edge of the ellipse and a reduced chance of them falling closer to the center. Thus, the squadron’s choices of timing and approach to a small target such as a destroyer will be more important, and destroyers will have more opportunities for counter-play against bombers. For example, hitting a destroyer that is perpendicular to the line of approach of the bombers will be much more difficult. In order to keep the interaction of bombers with the rest of the classes at the same level, we changed their aiming parameters. Aiming will now be faster and will begin in the preparation for the attack, and maneuvers of the flight will not influence the spread. These changes can be tested on the Public Test for Update 0.8.4.
  • In future updates, we plan to improve the ship autopilot function and “teach” it to avoid obstacles. This way you will be able to put one point on the map, and the autopilot will plot a route to bypass the Islands. If a collision (for example, in a narrow strait) with an island still happens, the autopilot will bring the ship back to open water and send it further along the route.
  • Some good news for fans of co-op and training room combat will be the addition of aircraft carrier bots in these modes. However, bots will not yet be making an appearance in Scenario mode. The bots will first need to be “taught” how to execute the unique actions that occur in this game mode.
  • The mechanics of the priority AA sectors will be completely redesigned. We decided to change not only the visual component, but also to significantly improve the interaction of the ship with squadrons. It is too early to talk about any details, but the main goal that we want to achieve is for the player to get more effective AA with the proper use of the priority AA sectors and the choice of appropriate skills and upgrades.
  • In future updates, credits and experience rewards currently earned from shooting down aircraft will be transferred to damage dealt to aircraft. In Update 0.8.4 we will add this indicator to the post-combat statistics, but in order to make this change to the economy, we want to sure of the stability. Therefore, changes to the economy will occur after the change to the priority AA sector in a couple of months (after the statistics become stable). Around the same dates, we plan to update the achievements related to airplanes.

Once again, we remind you that this is a preliminary and possibly incomplete list of changes that are planned to be implemented in the game. We will continue to inform you about plans and future changes.

Thank you for your honest and constructive feedback.

Good luck in Battle!

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WoWs: Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

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